MCQ Question Bank on Cyber Law for Exams [100+ Objective Questions with Answers]

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 (1) Tampering with Computer Source Documents is ______ offence.

(a) Bailable

(b) Non-bailable

(c) Non-cognizable

 (d) Both (a) and (c)

(2) Every appeal to Cyber Appellate Tribunal shall be filed within a period of _____.

(a) 60 days

(b) 90 days

(c) 45 days

(d) 30 days

(3) Order passed by Controller is challengeable before :

(a) High Court

(b) Cyber Appellate Tribunal

(c) Adjudicatory Officer

 (d) Supreme Court

(4) Child pornography is an offence under section ________.

(a) 67 C

(b) 67 A

(c) 67 B

(d) 67 D

(5) Section 66 A is striked down by the judiciary in the case of :

(a) Shreya Singhal v/s U.O.I.

(b) Syed Asifuddin v/s State of A.P.

(c) Ranjit Udeshi v/s State of Maharashtra

(d) Regina v/s Hicklin

(6) The authentication to be affected by use of asymmetric crypto system and hash function is knownas :

(a) Public key

(b) Private key

(c) Digital signature

(d) E-governance

(7) Which section of IT Act deals with the legal recognition of electronic records ?

(a) Section 4

(b) Section 2

(c) Section 5

(d) Section 6

(8) Which Section deals with cyber terrorism ?

(a) 66 C

(b) 66 B

(c) 66 D

(d) 66 F

(9) What is the maximum penalty for damage to computer, computer system ?

(a) Rs. 50 lakh

 (b) Rs. 1 crore

(c) Rs. 5 crore

(d) 5 lakh

(10) What is the penalty for destroying computer source code ?

(a) Three yrs imprisonment or 5 lakh Rs. or both

(b) Three yrs imprisonment or 1 lakh Rs. or both

(c) Two yrs imprisonment or 2 lakh Rs. or both

(d) Three yrs imprisonment or 2 lakh penalty or both

(11) Amendment to IT Act 2000 came into effect on _______.

(a) 2008 Oct. 2

 (b) 2009 July 3

(c) 2008 June 1

(d) 2009 Oct. 27

(12) Which are the Sections of IT Act that deal with credit card fraud ? (66c)

(a) 66, 66 C, 66 D

(b) 42, 67, 67 A, 67 B

(c) 43, 66, 66 C, 66 B

(d) None

(13) Which section of IT Act deals with the punishment for cheating by imprisonment by using computer resource ?

(a) Section 66 D

(b) Section 66 C

(c) Section 66 F

(d) Section 66 B

(14) Those who fail to furnish documents, return, report to the Controller of Certifying Authorities will be penalized upto :

(a) Rs. 5,000 per day

 (b) Rs. 50,000

(c) Rs. 25,000 per day

(d) Rs. 1.5 lakh

(15) Licence to a Certifying Authority to issue electronic signature certificate will be valid for

a period of :

(a) 5 yrs

 (b) 10 yrs

(c) 2 yrs

(d) 7 yrs

(16) Cyber squatting is associated with :

(a) Domain Name Dispute

(b) IP addressing dispute

(c) e-mail dispute

(d) Password dispute

(17) The term ISP stands for :

(a) International Services Provider

(b) Internet Service Provider

(c) Internet Service Program

(d) Internet Social Policy

(18) Copying of a web-page or website and storing that copy for the purpose of speeding up

subsequent access is called :

(a) Browsing

(b) File Swapping

(c) Caching

(d) Downloading

(19) The term EFT stands for :

(a) Emergency Fund Transfer

(b) Electric Fund Transfer

(c) Electronic Fund Transfer

(d) Electronic Fund Transmission

(20) Punishment for child pornography is provided under Section _______ of the I.T. Act.

(a) 66

(b) 67-A

(c) 67-B

(d) 67-C

(21) ICANN stands for :

(a) Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

(b) International Commission for Assigned Names and Numbers

(c) International Corporation for Assisted Names and Numbers

(d) Internet Computer Assigned Names and Numbers

(22) The term computer is defined under Section ________ of the I.T. Act.

(a) 2(1) (a)

(b) 2(1) (t)

(c) 2(1) (i)

(d) 2(1) (h

(23) According to Section 78 of the IT Act, a ________ shall investigate any offence under  the Act.

(a) Police Commissioner

(b) Police Constable

(c) Police Officer not below the rank of Inspector

(d) Deputy Superintendent of Police

(24) Sending of unsolicited bulk and commercial messages over the internet is ________.

(a) Stalking

(b) Phishing

(c) Spamming

(d) Spoofing

(25) Permitted use of disruptive activities or the threat thereof in cyber space is called _______.

(a) Commerce

(b) Credit Card fraud

(c) Net Banking

 (d) Cyber Terrorism

(26) Information Technology Act was passed in the year _________.

(a) 1999

(b) 2000

(c) 2008

(d) 2012

(27) Computer virus is a ________.

(a) Programme

(b) File

(c) Disk

(d) Audio

(28) Repeated act of harassment after threatening behaviour is called as :

(a) Cyber stalking

(b) Data diddling

(c) Cyber theft

(d) Cryptography

(29) Salami attacks are used for the commission of ________.

(a) Financial crimes

(b) Personal crimes

(c) Property related crimes

(d) Physical crimes

(30) ACL stands for :

(a) Account Control List

(b) Air Conditioned List

(c) Access Control List

(d) Access Collection List

 (31) IT Act 2000, amended in :

(a) 2005

(b) 2008

(c) 2011

(d) 2015

(32) Private key U/s 2(1) (ZC) is key of a secure key pair used to create a digital signature :

(a) Listed in the DSC issued to the subscriber by a Certifying Authority

(b) Not listed in the DSC issued to the subscriber by a Certifying Authority

(c) Sometime listed in DSC issued to the subscriber by Certifying Authority

(d) All of above

(33) As per IT Act, a subscriber may be :

(a) An individual

(b) Hindu undivided family applicant

(c) Company or firm

(d) All of above

(34) The DSC creates a “binding linkage” between :

(a) Controller and subscriber

(b) Subscriber and issuer

(c) Controller and Certifying Authority

(d) Police and Adjudicating Authority

(35) In the scheme of the Act, S. 43 to S. 45 are the ones that fall in the category of :

(a) Cyber crime

(b) Punishment provisions

(c) Cyber contraventions

(d) Only crimes

(36) Network service provider includes

(a) Originator

(b) Addressee

(c) Mobile Satellite Services

(d) None of above

(37) Cyberspace has :

(a) No national boundaries

(b) International jurisdiction

(c) Limited boundaries

(d) (a) and (b)

(38)Harassing someone through electronic message is offence of :

(a) Hacking

(b) Squatting

(c) Stalking

 (d) Phishing

(39) Whoever commits or conspires to commit cyber terrorism shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to :

(a) imprisonment for two years

(b) imprisonment upto three years

(c) imprisonment for six months

(d) imprisonment for life

(40) Against offence of cybers quatting victim is entitled to involve the provision :

(a) 411 of IPC

(b) 415 of IPC

(c) 268 of IPC

(d) 499 of IPC

(41) “Nigerian Scam 419” involve scam as :

(a) Phishing

 (b) Cyber stalking

(c) Net extortion

(d) Pornography

(42) Information Technology Act, 2000 describes the offence of child pornography and prescribed punishment for it :

(a) Under Section 67

(b) Under Section 67 A

(c) Under Section 67 B

(d) Under Section 68

(43) ______ is a criminal offence of unlawfully obtaining money, property or services from a person, entity or institution, through coercion.

(a) Phishing

(b) Pornography

(c) Net or Cyber Extortion

(d) Credit Card Fraud

(44) ______ servers have chat rooms in which people from anywhere of the world can came

together and chat with each other.

(a) Channels

(b) Operators

(c) Internet Relay Chat

(d) Internet Protocol

(45) ICERT stands for :

(a) Indian Commercial and Economical

(b) Indian Commercial Emergency Response Team

(c) Indian Computer Emergency Response Team

(d) Indian Cyber Emergency Response Team

(46) ––––– Monitors all internet and other network activity, looking for suspicious data and preventing unauthorized access

(a) Firewall

(b) Intrusion detection system

(c) Data encryption

(d) None of the above

(47) Out of following which is the main authority is at the top and its main function is to issue licence to the certifying authority and to supervise his functions.

(a) Intermediator

(b) Controller of certifying authority

(c) subscriber

(d) None of the above.

(48) –––––– means a system of a secure key pair consisting of a private key for creating digital signature and public key for verifying digital signature.

(a) Cryptography

(b) Asymmetric cryptosystem

(b) Symmetric cryptosystem

(d) None of the above

(49) –––––– means a person who sends, generates, store or transmit any electronic massage.

(a) Intermediary

(b) Addressee

(c) Originator

 (d) Controller.

(50) The receiving of unsolicited bulk emails is known as –––––

(a) Virus

(b) Spoofing

(c) Spam

(d) Worms

(51) Out of the following which includes as an intermediary

(a) Online payment sites

(b) Internet service provide

(c) cyber café

(d) All the above

(52) Dot com job scam are cyber crimes included under –––––.

(a) Social cyber crimes

(b) Economic cyber crimes

(c) cyber terrorism

(d) None of the above.

(53) Vs Akash Arora is a famaus case relating to ––––––.

(a) Cyber stalking

(b) Cyber squatting

(c) Cyber defamation

(d) None of the above

(54) The dispute resolution policy for domain name system comes from


(b) IANA

(c) ISOC

(d) IRTF

(55) indicates that amazon is an ––––––.

(a) Education institute

(b) Government department

(c) Network provider

(d) Commercial organization.

(56) The value added network is used in –––– form of communication.

(a) Electronic data interchange

(b) Electronic communication

(c) Cryptographic communication

(d) None of the above.

(57) –––––– is not type of virus.

(a) Sparse infectors

(b) Stealth viruses

(c) Armoured viruses

(d) Metamorphic viruses

(58) Hash function are used for (encryption)

(a) Encryption

(b) Decryption

(c) Data integrity

(d) None of the above

(60) ––––– is the protected system used for identifying the person.

(a) Fire wall

(b) Biometrics

(c) Bothe (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above

(61) ISOC stands for –––––

(a) Internet socket

(b) Internal socket

(c) Internal society

(d) Internet society

(62) Information Technology Act was passed in the year _____.

(a) 1999

(b) 2000

(c) 2008

(d) 2012

(63) The science of sending secret cypher and decoding it, is called _____.

(a) Photography

 (b) Cyprography

(c) Data diddling

(d) Cryptography

(64) Buying and selling of goods and services on the internet is called_____.

(a) E–Trade

(b) E–Commerce

(c) E–Challan

 (d) E–Training

(65) Which Section of IT Act deals with the appointment of Controller of Certifying Authorities ?

(a) Section 17

(b) Section 15

(c) Section 10

(d) Section 5

(66) Which of the following Acts provides legal framework for e-governance in India ?

(a) IT (Amendment) Act, 2008

(b) Indian Penal Code

(c) IT Act, 2000

(d) None of the above

(67) Computer Virus is a :

(a) Programme

(b) Audio

(c) File

(d) Disk

(68) ACL stands for :

(a) Air Conditioned List

(b) Access Control List

(c) Access Collection List

(d) Account Control List

(69) Widely used security measure for blocking traffic in the network :

(a) fire window

(b) fire door

(c) fire wall

(d) fire exit

(70) Under Information Technology Act the purpose of digital signature is to :

(a) Forge the document

 (b) Photocopy the document

(c) Digital Printing

(d) Authenticate the document

(71) Repeated act of harassment or threatening behaviour is called :

(a) Credit card fraud

(b) Cyber theft

(c) Cyber stalking

(d) Internet time theft

(72) Internet, protocol, addresses consist of four numbers from 0 to ______.

(a) 31

(b) 127

(c) 63

(d) 25

(73) Information Technology Act in based on model set of laws provided by :


(b) UNO



(74) Domain names are simply the ________ of the internet.

(a) Addresses

(b) Location

(c) Information

 (d) Website

(75) What is an ISP ?

(a) Internet Service Provider

(b) Internet Sample Provider

(c) International Service Provider

(d) Internet Service Passenger

(76) A patent is an exclusive right granted by a ______ to the owner of an invention to make, use, manufacture.

(a) Country

 (b) Government

(c) District

(d) World

(77) The Information Technology Act, 2000 was amended in the year _________.

(a) 2013

(b) 2012

(c) 2008

(d) 2011

(78) Computer means any device which performs :

(a) Logical functions

(b) Arithmetic functions

(c) Memory functions

(d) All of the above

(79) UNCITRAL relates to :

(a) Profession

(b) Business

(c) Trade

(d) Art

(80) The enactment of IT Act affected the provisions in :

(a) Transfer of Property Act

(b) Dowry Prohibition Act

(c) Indian Evidence Act

(d) Company law

(81) In Digital signature the key pair used is called :

(a) Public-personal

(b) Private-personal

(c) Personal-private

(d) Public-private

(82) ISO stands for :

(a) International Organization for Standardization

(b) International Service Organization

(c) International Security Organization

(d) International Secondary Organization

(83) The names with which companies exist in cyber world are called :

(a) Dangle names

(b) Device names

(c) Doodle names

(d) Domain names

(84) Hacking is prohibited under ________ of the IT Act, 2000.

(a) Sec. 64

(b) Sec. 65

(c) Sec. 66

(d) Sec. 63

(85) The IT Act, 2000 provides for the establishment of :

(a) Cyber Advisory Tribunal

(b) Computer Advisory Trust

(c) Cyber Appellate Tribunal

(d) Cyber Advisory Trust

(86) Cyber Crime is a crime in which computer is used as :

(a) Tool

(b) Target

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above

(87) Cyber Terrorism is an act injuring the :

(a) Sovereignty of India

(b) People of India

(c) Foreign relations

(d) All of the above

(88) Cyber Crime involves the theft of :

(a) Property

(b) Identity

(c) Money

(d) All of the above

(89) IP stands for :

(a) Internet procedure

(b) Internet position

(c) Internet protocol

(d) Internet program

(90) The cyber offence in which frauds are committed by inviting people to invest money and sharing financial information is :

(a) Hacking

(b) Squatting

(c) Piracy

(d) Fishing

91. Information Technology Act, 2000 is ACT NO. __ OF 2000?

92. Which among the following with regard to Information Technology Act, 2000 is NOT correct?
(A)It shall extend to the whole of India
(B)it does not apply to any offence or contravention thereunder committed outside India by any person
(C)it is an act to provide legal recognition for transactions carried out by means of electronic data
(D)It is the primary law in India dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce

93. Information Technology Act, 2000 came into force on?
(A)1 January 2001
(B)11 June 2000
(C)17 October 2000
(D)24 December 2002

94. Who was the President of India who signed the Information Technology Act, 2000?
(A)A P J Abdul Kalam
(B)K R Narayanan
(C)Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(D)Pratibha Patil

95. “Digital signature” is defined under which section of IT Act,2000?
(A)Section 1
(B)Section 2
(C)Section 8
(D)Section 6

96. Information Technology Act, 2000 directed the formation of a Controller of Certifying Authorities to regulate the issuance of?
(A)Data license
(B)IP address in India
(C)digital signatures
(D)internet service provider license

97. Information Technology Act, 2000 amended which among the following to make them compliant with new technologies? i. Indian Penal Code, 1860 ii. Indian Evidence Act, 1872 iii. Banker’s Book Evidence Act, 1891 iv. Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
(A)i only
(B)i and iii only
(C)ii, iii and iv only
(D)All the above

98. A major amendment to Information Technology Act, 2000 was made in the year?

99. Which among the following was established under IT Act, 2000 to resolve disputes arising from the law?
(A)Cyber Appellate Tribunal
(B)Technology Disputes Bureau
(C)Cyber Administrative Tribunal
(D)IT Disputes Tribunal

100. Section 66A which penalized sending “offensive messages” was introduced in IT Act, 2000 through?
(A)Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008
(B)Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2003
(C)Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2015
(D)Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2005

101. Which among the following is/are the major insertions in IT Act,2000 through Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008?
(A)Section 66A which penalized sending “offensive messages”
(B)Section 69, which gave authorities the power of “interception or monitoring or decryption of any information through any computer resource
(C)it introduced provisions addressing – pornography, child porn, cyber terrorism and voyeurism
(D)All the above

102. Which among the following offence under IT Act,2000 has the maximum penalty of imprisonment up to life?
(A)Using password of another person
(B)Securing access or attempting to secure access to a protected system
(C)Publication for fraudulent purpose
(D)Acts of cyberterrorism

103. Section 66A of IT Act,2000 has been struck down by Supreme Court’s Order dated 24th March, 2015 in which case?
(A)Shreya Singhal vs. Union of India
(B)Puttuswamy v. Union of India
(C)Shayara Bano vs Union Of India
(D)Indra Sawhney and Union of India

104. In the year 2020, Indian Government banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, including TikTok invoking which Section of IT Act, 2000?
(A)Section 66A
(B)Section 66F
(C)Section 72A
(D)Section 69A

105. The data privacy rules was introduced in IT Act, 2000 in the year?

(106) Child pornography is prohibited by ______ of IT Act, 2000.

(a) Sec. 64

(b) Sec. 65

(c) Sec. 66

(d) Sec. 67-B

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