Best Law Firms and Advocates in Hyderabad

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The law firms and advocates in Hyderabad are skilled in various domains, from corporate law and financial transactions to dispute resolution and mergers and acquisitions. These entities not only serve the local community but also have a significant impact on the broader legal framework in India, reinforcing Hyderabad’s position as a key legal hub in the country.

In this article, we explore some of the leading law firms and advocates in Hyderabad, offering insight into their areas of expertise and key personnel.

Best Law Firms in Hyderabad

From handling complex corporate transactions to offering nuanced legal advice across various domains, these law firms exemplify professionalism, expertise, and excellence. Let’s explore the best law firms in Hyderabad that have set benchmarks in delivering legal solutions par excellence.

The top law firms in Hyderabad are:

Juris Prime Law Services

A boutique law firm, Juris Prime Law Services is renowned for its adept handling of high-value financial transactions and corporate and commercial deals. The firm offers comprehensive advice to a growing list of national clients on a variety of issues, including real estate, construction, banking, finance, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Founder V V S N Raju, with over three decades of experience, leads the firm with distinction, specialising in dispute resolution before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Hyderabad. He is ably supported by banking experts A V Padma Reddy, Praveen Kumar Jain, and K V Ravi Mohan.

Tatva Legal Hyderabad

Known for its strength in dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, and employment law, Tatva Legal Hyderabad serves a diverse clientele, including multinational corporations from sectors such as banking, real estate, retail, education, and pharmaceuticals. The firm has a robust presence in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

Managing partner Shailendra Komartreddy is particularly focused on acquisition, private equity, restructuring, and investment matters. Other notable members include Sanjay Kishore A., K. Shivacharan Reddy, Pratyush Kumar Singh, and Mohan Kumar Kalagarla.

Tempus Law

Specialising in mergers and acquisitions, Tempus Law advises on a broad spectrum of matters, from investment and acquisition to transaction structuring and restructuring. The firm is also proficient in due diligence and legal and regulatory compliances. 

Founding partner Sundari Pisupati has extensive experience in sectors like technology, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, real estate, IT, and healthcare. Raviprasad Pisupati, with his three decades of experience, enhances the firm’s capabilities in corporate and commercial transactions.

Samvad Partners

Handling a wide array of high-value and complex cases and transactions, Samvad Partners has carved a niche for itself both domestically and internationally. 

The firm excels in advising on key corporate matters, including transaction structuring, acquisitions, due diligence, and regulatory requirements. Ekta Bahl, leading the practice, is well-versed in major corporate commercial law matters.

The other top law firms in Hyderabad are:

  • Samisti legal
  • AequitasJuris Law LLP
  • Dmr Law Chambers
  • Hariharan and Hariharan Law Offices
  • Prometheus Patent Services Pvt Ltd.
  • The Law Chambers
  • Unnam Law Firm

Best Advocates in Hyderabad

This section shines a light on the best advocates in Hyderabad, individuals who have not only mastered the art of law but also have made significant contributions to the legal community through their work. 

  • Prashant Kumar Jain – Samisti Legal LLP
  • Sundari Pisupati – Tempus Law Associates
  • V V S N Raju – Juris Prime Law Services
  • Shailendra Komartreddy – Tatva Legal Hyderabad

How to Find Best Law Firms and Advocates in Hyderabad for Legal Advice and Matters

Finding the best law firm and advocates in Hyderabad for legal advice and matters requires a considered approach. Start by identifying your specific legal needs to narrow down firms with expertise in that area. 

Recommendations from friends, family or business associates who have faced similar legal challenges can be invaluable. Additionally, online reviews and rankings of law firms provide insights into their reputation and success rates. 

Consult the Bar Council of India’s website for registered and reputable firms. Scheduling initial consultations with shortlisted firms can help gauge their understanding of your case, their approach to legal issues and whether they are a good fit for your requirements.

How to Find the Best Law Firms in Hyderabad for Internships and Jobs

Securing internships or jobs at top law firms in Hyderabad involves a strategic approach. Begin by researching firms that align with your career interests and have a history of nurturing young talent. 

Networking plays a crucial role; attend legal seminars, workshops and industry events to connect with professionals and learn about opportunities. Utilise online platforms like LinkedIn to establish connections with law firms and keep an eye on their career pages for internship and job postings. 

Crafting a compelling CV and cover letter that highlight your academic achievements, legal skills and any relevant experience is crucial. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of internships for gaining valuable experience and making a positive impression, which can often lead to job offers.

Note: If you feel like we’ve missed the mark or have some brilliant insights on law firms and advocates in Hyderabad, drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re all ears for your suggestions!

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