September 17, 2021

How To Send A Legal Notice In India


There are a few events when an individual or an element needs to make a lawful move against someone else or an element. The few events can be purchaser protest, the property question, check bob, separation, expulsion, and some more. Nonetheless, it is significant for you to educate the other individual that you will start a legitimate activity against them. That is the explanation, you send a lawful notification to an individual or a substance.

What Is A Legal Notice?

A legal notice is a formally composed archive sent by an individual or an element concerning some complaint. It is sent as a notice to the beneficiary that the one sending the notification has certain complaints which are not appropriately dealt with by the collector, albeit the recipient has given sufficient freedom to the recipient to determine the issue.
It resembles a last admonition to the collector that the sender is set up to start a lawful activity and it is the last chance for the beneficiary to determine the issue close by appropriately.

Significance of documenting a Legal Notice

Certain circumstances may emerge where you get confounded about how to start lawful activity to determine your matter. The recording of a lawful notification gives a fresh start to your excursion of the case. Hence, it has different angles in which it is significant:

By sending a lawful notification, it can give a reasonable aim with respect to the sender to record a claim to determine the issue to which the other party may react quickly to save oneself from court procedures.
An individual can undoubtedly depict his complaint in a lawful notification with the assistance of an Advocate.

Serving of lawful notification offers a chance to the beneficiary of the legitimate notification, that is, the contrary party to determine the issue warmly.

It goes about as an update for the recipient of the legitimate notification about the demonstrations that have purposefully or inadvertently have made an issue for the sender.

When to send a Legal Notice?

  1. There are various purposes behind which you can send a lawful notification to an individual or a substance. Notwithstanding, the most widely recognized ones are:
  2. Questions identified with a property like home loan, postponed ownership conveyance by the developer, ousting of the occupant, the parcel of family property, and so forth
  3. Notice to the business for the illegitimate end, neglected compensation, infringement of any privilege of the representative by the business, and so forth
  4. Notice to the worker for infringement of the HR strategies, lewd behavior act at the work environment, leaving the work without giving over the renunciation letter, infringement of any arrangement of the business understanding, and so on
    Notice to an organization fabricating or offering support of flawed items, defective administrations, bogus notice, and so forth
  5. Notice on account of check ricochet to the backer of the check.
  6. Notice if there should arise an occurrence of private issues like separation, support, kid care, and so forth.

Legitimate Notice under segment 80 of The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

A Legal Notice is by and large recorded in common cases. In criminal cases, there is no recording of the legitimate notification as in the event of a criminal offense the activity is established by the State against the individual carrying out the offense, as State is the incomparable force. Nonetheless, in the event that you plan to start a common suit against the Government, you need to serve a legitimate notification to the Government heretofore, and just from there on you can document a common suit against the Government.

Area 80 of The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 accommodates sending of a legitimate notification to the Government or public official in the event that one needs to start a lawful activity against them for any demonstration professed to be finished by such open official throughout his authority obligation until the termination of two months. The reason for the notification is to give the Secretary of State or the public official an opportunity to reconsider his legitimate position and to offer some sort of remuneration without going to a courtroom.

In Bihari Chowdhary v. Territory of Bihar [AIR 1984 SC 1043], Supreme Court has expressed that “The object of the segment is the headway of equity and the getting of public great by aversion of pointless prosecution”.

For Section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

  • Basics of Section 80 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
  • Name, depiction, and spot of the home of the sender of the notification.
  • Explanation of reason for the activity.
  • The help asserted by the sender of the notification.
  • Rundown of the legitimate reason for the help asserted.

Is serving of Legal Notice compulsory?

According to Section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 it is compulsory to serve a legitimate notification before the documenting of a suit if the contrary party is Government or Public official. In any case, in common sense, it is seen that Advocates serve legitimate notification before the recording of all the civil cases. In any case, it isn’t compulsory to serve a lawful notification in all thoughtful cases besides if there should be an occurrence of the recording of a suit against Government or Public official yet officially it is been sent by the gathering planning to sue.

The explanation for this is to carry it to the information on the contrary party that the sender of notice is putting forth the last attempt to settle the matter close by. Likewise, it gives believability to the tale of the sender as it explicitly expresses every one of the liabilities of the beneficiary.

Lawful Notice under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

  • On account of a check skip, it is required to send a lawful notification to the backer of the check inside a time period of 30 days from the date of check bob. On the off chance that no reimbursement of cash is gotten following 15 days of the conveyance of the lawful notification, at that point you can start a legitimate activity within 30 days from the date of finish of 15 days’ time span.
  • Criminal risk is additionally settled under a segment wherein the cabinet of the disrespected check may get a sentence of 2 years prison term or fine or both.
  • In the notification, you need to give subtleties of the exchange to which the check was given, subtleties of the check, subtleties of disrespect, and so forth through an attorney.
  • Notice to be endorsed by both attorney and payee.
  • Notice to be sent through the enrolled post.

For Section 138 of The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

How to draft a Legal Notice?

  • A lawful notification is basically a notification sent by a supporter for the benefit of his/her customer. It isn’t compulsory for an individual to send a lawful notification through a backer, he/she can send a legitimate notification on his/her own agreement without the help of a promoter.
  • It isn’t even obligatory to send a legitimate notification as there is no particular arrangement/establishment of law that make it required to give a lawful notification prior to documenting a suit.
  • A lawful notification is by and large gave by a supporter for his/her customer to request a settlement. It is given either to acknowledge the settlement or to dismiss it through and through to benefit a common suit or legitimate cures.

The Procedure of documenting a Legal Notice

The utilization of regular words while thinking of them in an exceptionally easygoing way additionally holds legitimate significance and importance of which we are unconscious. In this way, while recording a legitimate notification we ought to be amazingly cautious about every single word that we utilize and be vigilant about not conceding any such actuality which you may prevent later on in the court from getting law. When a legitimate notification is sent you can’t make any changes to it and later on, likewise, you can’t repudiate the assertions and data that you have effectively referenced in the lawful notification.

Stage 1
Look for a backer who has great drafting abilities. A Legal Notice can be sent in any of the Indian dialects however typically English is a favored decision. The Notice should address the contrary party against whom you need to record a grumbling or suit.

Stage 2
While Consulting to your promoter, clarify the data in detail with names of the gatherings in question, the location of the gatherings, dates of exchange done or should be done, issues or issues confronted any past endeavors of correspondence, and so on.

Stage 3
A supporter at that point cautiously analyzes the matter through the data gave, makes applicable and required focuses in the discussion with you, and searches for any extra data whenever required.

Stage 4
The backer at that point begins the drafting of the lawful notification in the legitimate language unmistakably expressing the justification the sending of the notice, all past correspondences with the recipient in regards to the complaints of the sender and gives a sensible period of 15 days or 30 days to the recipient to settle the matter close by arranging and playing out the necessary activity.

Generally legal counselors for the benefit of the sender of the notification relying upon their complaint weight on the activity to be acted in the referenced time-frame to either satisfy the interest or look for an answer.

Stage 5
The notification is then endorsed by both the backer and the customer and is shipped off Registered AD post and it is guaranteed that the affirmation is held. Typically, the advocate keeps a duplicate of the notification with him/her.

Stage 6
It is normal that the other party will answer to the notification after they get the notification, yet as a typical practice, the backer calls the other party after some time.


A legitimate notification is a formal authoritative archive that is being set up by a supporter for his customer. In spite of the fact that it isn’t obligatory to send legitimate notification before the recording of the suit in all cases still, it is considered as a vital report over the span of any lawful procedures as in the vast majority of the cases real debates or issues get settled even without going to the courtroom with a simple serving of the notification. The proficiency of a legitimate notification additionally relies upon the drafting abilities of a backer, how he drafts the issues associated with an adequate way for the collector.




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