January 23, 2022

FREE Quiz on Law of Crimes

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This quiz contains questions on Law of Crimes.

1. The right of private defence:


2. The word ‘wrong’ in a defence of insanity refers to:


3. Promoting hatred among classes is an offence:


4. For an affray under section 159 of IPC the minimum number of persons required is:


5. (a) under section 200 of IPCCausing disappearance of evidence of offence or giving false information to screen offender, is an offence:


6. Culpable homicide has been defined:


7. In the context of the exception of grave & sudden provocation, which of the following is correct:


8. During the scuffle between ‘A’ & ‘B’, A gave a blow on the face of ‘B’ and consequently two teeth of ‘B’ were broken. In these circumstances ‘A’ has committed an offence of causing:


9. A, puts jewels into a box belonging to Z, with the intention that they may be found in that box, and that this circumstance may cause Z to be convicted of theft.


10. A knowing that B has murdered Z, assists B to hide the body with the intention of screening B from punishment.


11. Which of the following factors limit the defence of right to private defence of person or property?


12. Using in a judicial proceeding evidence known to be false or fabricated is dealt under-


13. 13. Which of the following is an ingredient of an offence under Section 116, IPC?

I.An offence was abetted

II. The offence was not committed, in consequence of abetment

III. That there is no express provision in the Penal Code to punish such abetment

IV. The offence abetted is punishable with imprisonment

V. If the offence falls under the second paragraph of Section 116, IPC, the accused of the abettor both must public servant


14. Offering gift or restoration of property, in consideration of screening offender if the offence be capital is dealt under-


15. A places men with firearms at the outlets of a building, and tells Z that they will fire at Z if Z attempts to leave the building.


16. Which of the following is true about the offence of criminal conspiracy?


17. Which of the following is true of the procedure of an offence under Section 121- A, IPC?


18. A, being Z’s servant and entrusted by Z with the care of Z’s plate dishonestly runs away with the plate, without Z’s consent.


19. Section 149 of IPC is:


20. Rioting means use of force or violence by an unlawful assembly, or by a member thereof, in prosecution of the common object of such assembly, as per:


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