September 17, 2021

Call for Papers| Geeta Institute of Law’s Journal of Global Research and Analysis: Sumit by June 5

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About the Geeta Institute Of Law

Geeta Institute of Law has a unique distinction as one of the prestigious Law College in the state of Haryana, offering BA. LL.B (Hons.) 5 Years, BBA. LL.B (Hons.) 5 Years, LL.B (3 years) and LL.M (2 years). The institute was granted affiliation by the Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in 2007 and affiliation has been approved by the Bar Council of India. The institute organizes seminars on issues of law and global concern on national and international level, conduct clinical courses and train students in legal research and legal writing. By the time a student completes the program he/she will be fully equipped with the required theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of law to become a full fledged responsible member of the legal profession.

About Journal of Global Research and Analysis (JGRA)

JGRA is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal that aims to promote most original and scholarly research. It is published by Geeta Institute of Law (GIL) under the aegis of K. R. Education Society, Panipat.


There are no specific themes for writing a paper for JGRA. JGRA invites well-researched, quality contributions to contemporary issues in the legal field. Moreover, as the journal encourages the multi-disciplinary approach, such submissions will be preferred.

Types of Submissions

JGRA is accepting submissions from academicians, legal professionals, research scholars and students in the following categories:

  • Long Articles (4000-7000, inclusive of footnotes): Contributors in this category are intended to extensively engage with particular legal issues of contemporary relevance while recognizing the lacunae and providing possible suggestions.
  • Essays/Short Articles (3000-5000, inclusive of footnotes): This category targets the precise analysis of a legal problem that poses serious reconsideration in the present social scenario.
  • Case and Legislative Comments (2500-3000, inclusive of footnotes): Authors are intended to present a critical approach to the contemporary legal pronouncements and legislative actions.

Submission Guidelines

  • Long and short articles must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 200 words.
  • There can be a maximum of two authors in one submission.
  • All manuscripts must be submitted in English language only.
  • The research paper must be the original and unpublished work of the author(s).
  • The manuscript must be drafted in Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, justified alignment (except the title and ‘abstract’ caption which should be centrally aligned).
  • Citation format: Journal will strictly follow the ILI Rules of Footnoting (available on the website of ILI, New Delhi).
  • The footnotes must be typewritten in the font Times New Roman, font size 10, line spacing 1.0 and justified alignment.
  • All entries should be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  • Any plagiarism shall attract immediate disqualification.

Note: Manuscripts having more than 10% plagiarism will be outrightly rejected and therefore will not be reviewed.

Format of the Manuscript

  • Level 1: Heading: All Capitals & Bold
  • Level 2: Sub-Heading: First Letter CAPITAL & Bold
  • Level 3: Sub-Sub-Heading: First Letter CAPITAL & Bold Italic
  • Level 4: Sub-Sub-Sub-Heading: Normal

Procedure of Submission

All the submissions must be sent in .doc format through electronic mode only by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject of the mail as “Submission for Volume 10 (I) of JGRA”.

All the contributors are also required to submit a cover letter containing the following information:

  • Name of the author (s)
  • Designation of author (s)
  • Affiliation of the author (s)
  • Contact number
  • Title of the paper

The authors are also required to submit a declaration of originality and previously unpublished work. The declaration
can be found attached as Annexure I.

Deadline of Submission

For Volume 10 Issue I: The contributors have to submit their research work on or before 5th June 2021.

Publication Fees

No publication fee is charged by the Journal.


In case of any queries regarding JGRA, email us at: [email protected]

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