September 17, 2021

ANSWERED: What are the disciplines a Technology Lawyer need to know?

What are the disciplines a Technology Lawyer need to know

We received a lot of queries at our Instagram page, students asking What discipline should opt in their colleges. One such relates to Tech law.

See, the first and foremost that is required that you need to a general understanding of all laws. This will help you to co-relate laws. The students get this knowledge in their initial few years of the law school.

Now, when you look forward to what disciplines you should know, it differs based on your specialisation.

Like for example, you want to be a Technology Lawyer, we would say you need to know the following 7 disciplines-

  1. Cyber Law
  2. Intellectual Property Law
  3. Data Protection and Privacy Law
  4. Law of Contracts
  5. Media and Entertainment Law
  6. Constitutional Law
  7. Criminal Law

Note: We know as you would have gone through the above list, there is a possibility that you might not know well about the subjects. Don’t worry, we are coming with an explanation soon. Stay tuned!

And finally, we would tell you intern and get you skills honed for:

  1. drafting software development agreement
  2. end user license agreement
  3. Reviewing technology law agreements
  4. Drafting various documents for refunds, replacements, cancellation for ecommerce websites

Technology law is one of the most important emerging areas for big law firms, for boutique law firms and for independent practitioners who want to build a name for themselves, and the market will become sophisticated in the next 5 – 10 years.

This is the time you can get into this. Start working!

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