5-Day Online Certificate Course On Art Of Drafting Legal Notices by Legal Expatiate: Enrol by Apl 23

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About Legal Expatiate

Legal Expatiate is an initiative in lockdown to bring together the best talent of this country and to infuse them with a nation-first attitude. An active forum of researchers, professionals, and students where they arrange webinars of Senior Advocates, High Court Judges and other luminaries, where they arrange various competitions like Research Article Writing Competition, Moot Court Competitions, Essay Competition, Quiz Competition, Certificate Courses etc in order to groom research and advocacy skills of law learners.

About the Course

For the complete and proper understanding of the start of any civil matter, notice plays an important role and the whole matter depends on how we draft a notice as our pleadings and drafting of the matter revolve around the notice.

In this 5 Day course, Legal Expatiate has tried to cover the major aspects of drafting of notices in different civil matters which will be addressed by the best-experienced guest speaker.

Who can Attend?

  1. Students (UG and PG)
  2. Advocates
  3. Academicians
  4. Research Scholars
  5. Corporate professionals

Perks of Attending the course

  • Learn the things which are never taught in any law school, internship or juniorship
  • E certificate of completion and sample drafts
  • Improvise your skills of litigation
  • Pocket Friendly course
  • Easy access on zoom
  • Experienced guidance at your door step


  • Adv Raghav Parthasarathy, Karnataka High Court
  • Adv Monima Khan, Culcutta High Court,
  • Adv Jyotirmay Banarjee, High Court of Uttar Pradesh
  • Adv Jaydeep Mehta, Bombay High Court
  • Adv Priyank Upadhyay, AOR, Supreme court of India


Module 1

  • What is Legal Notice?
  • Purpose of Legal Notice
  • What should a legal notice in India contain?
  • Who can issue notice? 
  • What is the procedure of issuing notice in India?
  • When can one issue notice?
  • Importance of Notice in case building

Module 2

  • Against whom the notice is issued?
  • Consequences after receiving notice
  • Consequences of not receiving the notice
  • What to do if the opponent is avoiding to accept the notice?
  • In which cases it is necessary to give reply to notice?
  • What should be included in the reply to notice?
  • Permissible electronics modes of serving notice

Module 3

  • How to serve notice outside India?
  • Drafting notice of breach of contract
  • Drafting notice for arbitration 
  • Drafting 138 NIA notice and it’s reply

Module 4

  • Art of Drafting adverse possession notice 
  • Art of Drafting eviction notice 
  • Art of Drafting notice for rent 
  • Art of Drafting divorce notice 
  • Art of drafting restitution of conjugal rights notice

Module 5 

  • Art of Drafting Insurance notice and it’s reply
  • Art of drafting motor accident claims notice
  • Art of drafting 
  • Notice for recovery of dues 
  • Art of drafting notice for security refund 
  • Art of drafting notice in deficiency of service matters 
  • Art of drafting notice in trademark copyright infringement 
  • Art of drafting representations

Registrations Fees

Rs 500

Last Date of Registration

24th April, 2023


26th to 30th April, 2023

Platform of Sessions


Registration Procedure

 Steps of Registration

1. Send Rs 500/on Gpay/paytym to 8999422426

2. Fill this form by clicking here.

3. Send screenshot of payment to 8999422426

Contact Details for any Queries

Mobile: 08999422426/08770140909

Email: [email protected]

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