April 16, 2021

Think India’s tirutsava online competition [Prize worth Rs. 4.9k]: Register now!

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Think India is an initiative to bring together the best talent of this country and to infuse them with a nation-first attitude. It is an active forum of researchers, professionals, and students where they debate on national issues, raise their concerns and offer innovative solutions to problems.

About the Event

Have you ever played the good old Tambola or Housie? You probably would have ( If not, what were you doing in your childhood? ). But I’m guessing you would never have played a game of Tambola which requires the knowledge of brands and their infographics , instead of plain luck to win the game. Tirutsava ‘21 brings you The Big Brand Theory , a good old game of Tambola with a branded twist ( I do accept that it being online is also another twist ). Get ready for Tambola like you have never experienced before.


Prize worth Rs. 4900


For registrartion, Click here


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