January 18, 2022

Think India WebX Talk on ‘The August Kranti of New India: 370 and Ram Mandir’: Register now!

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Think India is an initiative to bring together the best talent of this country and to infuse them with a nation-first attitude. It is an active forum of researchers, professionals, and students where they debate on national issues, raise their concerns and offer innovative solutions to problems.

About the WebX Talk

The word ‘August’ means majestic in English Language. Indeed, it is a majestic month for India, after all, we got our freedom in this month. We got political freedom in August but what about Social and cultural freedom?

The journey to claim our culture and rescue it from clutches of Brown Sahib also started in the month of August. On 5th August Bhoomipoojan of Shri Ram temple and Abrogation of Article 370 are not just mere Coincidence in the history of India but they mark the journey to reclaim our culture.


Invites you to a talk on topic ‘The August Kranti of New India : 370 and Ram Mandir’.

About the speaker

Speaker of the talk will Shri Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (President, Indian Council For Cultural Relations, Member Of Rajya Sabha)

General details

Time : 6:30 PM
Date : 5th August 2021


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