Relive CLAT 2020

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Here is a chance for you to take CLAT PG 2020.

Take the test whenever you like. May be now, tomorrow or after a week or two. This test is created for you to get an experience of CLAT LLM 2020. Take it, as per your convenience, anytime!

CLAT LLM 2020 had 120 questions which the candidate had to answer in 120 minutes. Each question carried 1 mark. For every correct answer, the candidate earned 1 mark and for an incorrect answer, the candidate got a negative marking of 0.25 mark.

Following the above pattern, LawBhoomi has brought you an opportunity to experience CLAT PG 2020. The test has 120 questions which were asked in LLM CLAT 2020 and you need to answer them in 120 minutes. You will find the timer on the right side of the screen.

Click here to take Relive PG CLAT 2020.

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