January 24, 2022

On Internships and Online Courses; With Dr. Ankit Awasthi [Assistant Professor of Law, HNLU]

Ankit Awasthi

Dr. Ankit Awasthi is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Law at Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur and also have the charge of Recruitment and Internship Coordination Committee. He did his Masters and Ph.D. from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. In this interview, he shares his opinion on internships and online courses.

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How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

At the outset, before introducing myself I would like to thank team LawBhoomi for giving me this opportunity. My name is Dr. Ankit Awasthi, I’m 32 years old and I am from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. At present, I am working as an Assistant Professor of Law at Hidayatullah National Law University, Atal Nagar, Raipur and also having the charge of Recruitment and Internship Coordination Committee. Before joining HNLU, Raipur I worked in Amity University, Lucknow Campus as a Lecturer. I have been a Law Intern under Hon’ble Mr. Justice J. M. Panchal, Judge, Supreme Court of India and also interned in Indian Oil Corporation Limited where I submitted a project report on “Nature and Scope of Public Corporation and Control over Its Power”. Thus, I have been in teaching and research for a span of more than 7 years.

Please tell us something about your pre-college life? What inspired you to pursue law?

I did my Bachelors in Arts from Lucknow University with the subjects Political Science, Ancient Indian History and Social Work. I realised the importance of law during my graduation days, and gave a serious thought to study and understand this discipline. The sprawling scope of this discipline actually inspired me to pursue law.

You have done your Masters and Ph.D. from HNLU. Please share with us your experience.

It has been really a far cry to have completed my Masters and Doctorate from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. In the year 2010, I secured AIR 130 in PG CLAT and my name topped the first allotment list of HNLU. It further intensified my inspiration to delve deeper into the field of law. During my Masters, I studied corporate laws with consuming interest. HNLU has provided a fantastic learning and research eco-system. Not to mention the mentoring and guidance of the faculty members played a very crucial role to have inspired me to pursue career in academics. After the completion of my post-graduation in 2012, I ventured into the realm of academics from Amity University Lucknow Campus as a Lecturer. In 2014, I enrolled myself for the doctoral studies and by the grace of god completed my Ph.D. this year, with the guidance and cooperation of faculty members, and support and blessings of family members. I feel proud to say that, I secured highest marks in the course work in the first batch of Ph.D. programme in HNLU. The university provided cooperative faculty members, excellent learning resources and eco-friendly environment.   

What were your areas of interest during your graduation and how did you go about developing expertise in them?

My areas of interest during graduation included corporate laws and legal research. While teaching General Principles of Corporate Laws at Post-Graduation level my interest grew in the Corporate Laws so much so that I went on to do my doctoral studies in Corporate Governance. Apart from it, since 2012 I have been teaching Legal Methods, Media Laws and Professional Ethics. I am interest in International Trade Law as well and since 2014 I have been teaching this subject as an Honours paper.

Please tell our readers the importance of internships. How should a student plan for it? What kind of organisations should be preferred?

Internships play a crucial role for a student from whatever stream s/he belongs. It provides an opportunity to learn out of the box and it is indispensable for preparing a student as a legal professional in a phased manner. However, it’s highly important to have a proper strategy while applying for internship. I mean to say, student must have to be very clear with the career options along with her/his own interest in the field and should chart a clear roadmap.

Just for an instance, if a student wishes to make a career in criminal law practice, an internship in corporate law firm would not help that much as internship under any reputed lawyer practicing in the field of criminal law or vice-versa. Undoubtedly on the basis of her/his interest and career opportunities one has to prefer organisations. And if I have to reply this question from overall applicability point of view then I would like to say that an organisation which has proper track record in terms of performance and inclusiveness point of view should be preferred. I have written in detail on the importance of internships and the same has been published in the Hitavada with titled, “Pre-Placement Offers: Decoding the Success” (on 24 September 2020. Click Here for e-hitavada).

Do online courses add value to Resume? If yes, how should we select subjects and organisations?

Yes, Online courses add value to Resume. However, we must have to ensure ourselves with the value of the course prior to enrolment. We have to do research about the course, organisation and importance of the course in our growth and development. Subject selection would surely depend on individual choices, preferences and contribution of the course in individual’s life. But about organisation I must say that, students are required to assess and analyse the authoritativeness and importance of the organisation and course.

What would be your parting message to our readers who are primarily law students and young lawyers?

I am thankful to Team LawBhoomi for connecting me with such a wide base of readers. My message to law students and young lawyers is that, law has infinite opportunities and at the same point of time there is sense of social involvement. The only essential requirement in this field is that, it demands continuous learning and with my experience I think every law student would surely transform herself/himself into a successful legal professional, if committed and dedicated to achieve the same. So, through this platform I would like place on record my best wishes to all law learners.

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