Inviting Suggestions on Phase III of eCourts Project: Submit by May 21

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The Department of Justice (Government of India) is inviting suggestions, inputs, comments on the draft vision document for its 3rd phase of the e-Courts Project.

About  the Project

The e-Committee of the Supreme Court has been overseeing the implementation of the e-Courts Project, conceptualized under the “National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Indian Judiciary-2005“. It is the mission mode project carried out by the Department of Justice.

The objectives of the e-Committee include:

  • The Interlinking of all courts across the country.
  • ICT enablement of the Indian judicial system.
  • Enhancing judicial productivity.
  • Making the justice delivery system accessible, cost-effective, transparent, and accountable.
  • Providing citizen-centric services.

As Phase-II of the eCourts Project will conclude soon, the draft vision document for Phase III is prepared. This draft Vision Document outlines an inclusive, agile, open, and user-centric vision for courts in Phase III of the e-Courts Project.

About the Phase III

Phase III envisions digital courts that deliver justice as a service to all, beyond simply replicating offline processes digitally. The use of technology in the judiciary is therefore guided by two facets central to Gandhian thought—access and inclusion. In addition, the core values of trust, empathy, sustainability, and transparency provide the guardrails for achieving the founding vision.

Building over the advancements made in Phases I & II of the project, this document articulates the need to exponentially advance the digitization of courts by

(a) simplifying procedures,

(b) creating a digital infrastructure, and the

(c) establishment of the right institutional and governance framework, such as technology offices at various levels to enable the judiciary to appropriately employ technology.

About the Invitation

The e-Committee, Supreme Court of India has called for comments, suggestions, and inputs on the draft vision document for its 3rd phase of the e-Courts Project from all its stakeholders to refine and plan the implementation of the next phase of the e-Courts Project.

To read the Draft Vision Document, Click here 

Submission Deadline

21st May 2021

For more information, Click here

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