Interview: Shivani Gupta, Associate Partner at Prout Solicitors

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Ms. Shivani Gupta is an Associate Partner at Prout Solicitors. She did her law from Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Kanpur University, Kanpur in 2021. We managed to ask her the following questions.

How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? What inclined you towards the field of legal education?

My name is Shivani Gupta, and I am currently an Associate Partner at the Kanpur-based law firm running in the name & style of Prout Solicitors LLP. I am also an internationally certified career coach for law students. I’ve always been an explorer who enjoys working with clients, doing work that is varied, and even going out.

I especially admire lawyers for their fearless demeanour. The brave attitude we develop from learning about these legal subjects is really what drew me to the area of law. I began my legal career by entering the firm as a junior associate, but as I glanced at my senior counsel, I realised there was a lot more to learn about this profession.

You are an Associate Partner at Prout Solicitors. Please share your journey with us.

When I first started working here as a junior associate, I gave it my all since I was so excited about understanding the law. Being the only daughter still living with my parents, I was unable to leave my hometown, and coming from a place where opportunities are scarce can easily explain your difficult journey, so I was very desperate about my career. I completed any task my superior asked me to complete within the allotted time frame.

I always worked hard and exceeded my senior’s expectations, and over time, I received a lot of appreciation from them for how well I did. I eventually was promoted to the position of senior counsel, where I began working with students I’ve progressed along this path to the point where I’ve supervised and arranged internships for more than 500 legal students from universities across India, and Now I an Associate Partner at this firm.

You have 3 years of experience in litigation. Can you share with us your journey? What challenges did you face?

Litigation is the field where you have to overcome a number of difficulties because, like any profession, there are many more obstacles that prevent people from understanding your abilities.

As a result, it is up to you to demonstrate your ability to work effectively by presenting your work, and litigation is the field that requires the most work because you have to be extremely bold and you have to often deal with office politics in addition to academic difficulties. The other colleagues working with you would never appreciate it if you were ever given praise by your seniors, so always be prepared to deal with issues of this nature.

What are the key points one should remember while practising law?

The following are the essential ideas to bear in mind when practising law:

  • First, focused on the fundamentals of the work.
  • Second, in the early stages of your profession, avoid chasing financial success.
  • Thirdly, whether you are working or pursuing internships, work on your public relations.
  • Fourth, select your felid practise carefully based on your area of interest.

Can you share your opinion on COVID 19 has impacted the legal sector?

Yes, it had a significant impact initially because all courts were closed and  due to the pandemic  difficulty of paper filing online was also faced by the faternity. However, because advocacy is such a fantastic profession, they were able to handle all the pressing situations, and now everything is back to normal.

Any advice to our young readers?

Students pursuing legal studies should pay close attention to their internships and learn as much as they can from companions. They should also maintain focus in order to identify their core competencies, which will enable them to select a field of expertise that will undoubtedly be advantageous to them throughout the future.

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