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About Adv Bharat Chugh

Bharat graduated in law in 2011 and in 2013, at the age of 23, secured the first rank in the Delhi Judicial Service Exam, and was appointed as a Civil Judge/Metropolitan Magistrate where he served in various judgeship assignments in the 4 years that he spent at the Bench. In 2016, he resigned from his judgeship and returned to the practice of law.

Bharat has served as a Partner at L&L Partners (formerly Luthra and Luthra Law Offices) Bharat has served on various committees/policy discussions and has also been appointed as amicus curiae by the High Court to assist the court in some serious criminal cases. He is also a part of the Young SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre) steering committee.

About the Internship

Openings for internships for March and May, 2023.

Mode Of Internship

Physical Mode


Delhi office (Defence Colony)

Application Procedure

Email your application at [email protected] & [email protected] & [email protected] & ensure that you have the word “Career-Intern” in the subject line.

Note from the Employer:

  • Template/Format based applications, therefore, are a strict NO. They don’t help me know you at all. “Also, I am not a “Sir/Madam”. Never have been, and don’t intend to be. Please don’t do this. I’m not going to read another line of your application if that’s how you start.”
  • Therefore, please avoid cookie-cutter applications which lack individuality, and are boring to read.
  • Be creative. Show us the value that you can add to the team – in terms of law, and life. We are happy to share the little that we know with you, but you’d have to show us that it’s worth the effort and you’d be amenable to learning, and have the basics in place.
  • Instead of using adjectives such as I am “hardworking” or a “team player”, demonstrate in your application a challenging situation that you dealt-with and came out winning from. As someone wise said : Show, don’t tell!
  • Good writing is fun to read. Talk to me (in your application) – for instance, about the evolution of an interesting legal concept, a case law that you read and don’t agree with, or a tough legal proposition that you worked on, or an article that you once wrote.

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