International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Horizons at Jindal Global Law School in collaboration with University of Aizu, Japan (SCOPUS Publication): Register by March 10

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About Jindal Global Law School

The Jindal Global Law School is committed to providing global legal education to its students. To fulfill this objective, the curriculum and pedagogy are designed to give extensive exposure to students to domestic, international, and comparative law courses. JGLS has also entered into collaborations, exchange programs, research partnerships, and other forms of engagement and interaction with top universities and institutions across the globe. a

University Of Aizu, Japan The mission of the University of Aizu is “to Advance Knowledge for Humanity,” or in other words, to make discoveries and inventions that will contribute to the peace and prosperity of people. UoA has conducted research and academic exchanges with 100 universities and research institutions in 25 countries and regions. They are also conducting various global initiatives, including offering training programs for students who are interested in studying abroad or conducting research overseas.

About the Opportunity

Jindal Global Law School in collaboration with ETLTC & ACM Chapter on E-Learning and Technical Communication, University of Aizu Japan is pleased to announce the first INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HORIZONS (ICAIH2024) with SCOPUS Publication opportunity on 22-23 March 2024.

The ICAIH’24 aims to bring together research scholars working in the area of Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of the conference is to encourage research scholars to present their research before a panel of academic experts and to receive valuable feedback for further research.

With a diverse array of speakers, industry leaders, and distinguished academics, you will be exposed to the latest breakthroughs and emerging trends in AI. This is the perfect opportunity to gain insights, form new partnerships, and explore innovative solutions that will define the AI landscape of tomorrow.

In addition to our engaging sessions and thought-provoking discussions, there will be networking opportunities. Interact with fellow participants, share your expertise, and learn from their experiences. The collaborative spirit of this conference will lead to new friendships, collaborations, and potential breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


  • The Conference provides an opportunity for academicians, research scholars, judges, jurists, professionals, students, and practitioners to publish original work on Artificial Intelligence Horizons.
  • The thematic areas of the Conference will be centered around issues of Artificial Intelligence. The acceptance of abstracts will depend on the issues raised by the conference panels and the originality of the research after being screened by a panel of reviewers. 
  • The conference provides the opportunity for SCOPUS Publication along with other publication opportunity like EDP Publication ( DOI & Indexing), Springer Nature Publication, and ACM Books of Abstracts & Posters with ISSN.

Thematic Areas for Submission

Artificial Intelligence In Law

  • Legal Research and Document Analysis:
  • Contract Analysis and Management:
  • Predictive Analytics and Decision Support:
  • E-Discovery and Litigation Support:
  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
  • Legal Chatbots and Virtual Assistants:
  • Privacy, Security, and Data Governance:
  • Ethics, Bias, and Explainability in AI:
  • Ethical and Legal Challenges of AI in the Legal Profession:
  • AI in Legal Compliance and Regulatory Systems

Emerging Artificial Intelligence Technologies & Trends

  • AI in Edge Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Generative AI: From Text to Images and Beyond:
  • Explainable AI and Interpretable Machine Learning:
  • AI in Healthcare and Medical Applications
  • AI for Social Good and Sustainable Development
  • Quantum Computing and AI

Ai In Intellectual Property (IP) Protection And Trademark Recognition 

  • AI Techniques for Intellectual Property Protection
  • Advances in Trademark Recognition with AI
  • AI-assisted Patent Analysis and Prior Art Search
  • AI-powered Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management

Semantic Web & Knowledge Representation

  • Advances in Semantic Web Technologies and Standards
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in AI
  • Ontology Learning and Extraction
  • Semantic Web and Machine Learning Integration:

AI In Computer Science

  • Computer Vision and Image Recognition
  • AI in Gaming and Entertainment
  • AI for Data Analytics and Decision Making
  • AI in Finance and Business
  • Ethical and Social Implications of AI
  • AI in Education
  • AI for Environmental Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence In Business & Commerce

  • AI-Driven Business Strategy and Innovation
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Fraud Detection and Risk Management
  • Ethics, Transparency, and Bias in AI
  • AI in Finance and Investment
  • AI and Data Governance

Artificial Intelligence In Semantics And Natural Language Processing

  • Advances in Semantic Understanding and Knowledge Representation
  • Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, and Emotion Detection
  • Discourse Analysis and Text Coherence

Cross-Modal and Multimodal Understanding

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of topics. You are welcome to submit abstracts on any topic of your interest as long as it falls within an area of concern on Artificial Intelligence.

Important Dates

  • Extended Abstract or Full / Short Paper Submission: 1st February 2024
  • Full paper submissions are required for consideration in the Scopus-indexed or Springer proceedings.
  • Review Completion: 1st March 2024 (notifications sent out)  
  • Full Papers (Camera-Ready): 1st May 2024 (all submission requirements must be on file)
  • Registration: 10th March 2024
  • Conference: 22 – 23 March 2024

Submission Guidelines

ICAIH2024 welcomes high-quality, original, and previously unpublished submissions in the theories, technologies, and applications of all aspects of artificial intelligence and information management.

Paper submission must be in English. All papers will be double-blind and reviewed by the Program Committee based on technical quality, relevance to data mining, originality, significance, and clarity. All paper submissions will be handled electronically. Papers that do not comply with the Submission Policy will be rejected without review.

Each submitted paper must include an abstract of up to 200 – 250 words and be no longer than 12 single-spaced pages with 10pt font size (including references, appendices, etc.). Authors MAY NOT use any specific manuscript submission guidelines for their first draft paper submissions. All papers must be submitted electronically through the CMT paper submission system in PDF format only. Supplementary material may NOT be submitted as a separate PDF file, and reviewers are not obligated to consider this, Your manuscript should, therefore, stand on its own merits without any supplementary material. Supplementary material will not be published in the proceedings.

They require that any submission to AIIM must not be already published or under review at another archival conference or journal. Submitting a paper to the conference means that if the paper is accepted, at least one author will complete the regular registration and attend the conference to present the paper. For no-show authors, their papers will NOT be included in the proceedings.

Registration Process

  • Authors shall register and submit their abstracts at the link given at the end of this post.
  • Choice of publication proceedings will be made based on the quality of the paper, review comments and the final decision to be taken by the conference chairs.
  • Registration must happen based on and after the acceptance notice. 
  • The participation fee for the Conference is on the conference website. (link given at the end of the post).

Registration link 

Click Here To Register.


  • The Best Papers submitted at the conference will be submitted for publication in Scopus Indexed conference proceedings.
  • Major papers accepted will be considered for publication in Springer Nature Atlantis Press.
  • Some papers will be published in the International Journal of Entertainment Technology & Management & SHS Web of Conferences, EDP Sciences, France.


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