September 17, 2021

Experience at Law School: Rizvi Law College, Bandra (Mumbai)



Well, I think choosing law is one of the best decision I have ever made. But! But! initially in my 1st and 2nd year my thinking wasn’t the same. Subjects in my initial 2 years wasn’t upto mark. It was kind of monotonous to me. No effective curricular activities, nothing exciting was happening except typical academic studies. I felt like I entered into a wrong field.

Two sides of coin

Two years of my law school gone without proper law subjects being taught like IPC, Contracts, Constitution and what not. Until, third year I had this confusion if, doing law is really a good idea. A layer of spice added to my academic life when I came across those two words “COVID” and “LOCKDOWN”, that almost ruined my innocent life. Before, In college ‘with phone was not allowed’ and now ‘without phone is not allowed’ and hence, from life to grammar everything changed. And lets be frank none of us is enjoying this online theatre, its just a matter of formalities, that ought to be attended. We lost actual teaching, mass discussion, free motivation and bunking of course. My academic curiosity was almost ruined and this LOCKDOWN worked as an oil in fire.

Thinking of this, 2 years passed and BOOM!! I entered in 3rd year and eventually everything changed. This year I was actually dealing with the subjects that I always wanted to, IPC, Torts, Contracts, Constitution and much more Yumminess !!  on the way. Though sitting at home I had nothing much to do apart from web series, but Lockdown proved to be useful as well. As I had plenty of time and Internet so, I started digging it to find out hidden gems of law. I get to learn plenty of new thing each date. How to do research, how to do case study, how to read bare Acts, key points essential for litigation and art of Advocacy of course and much more. All this inculcated a new era in my brain world. My interest for Law was on another level. I started doing online internships, and I think internship can prove to be an acceleration for each law aspirants whether online of offline because, it really takes your knowledge to another level.


 So, basically we all have been at home school rather than at law school due to this pandemic. But this wasn’t a loss to me entirely. Yes I missed being with my friends, arguing with teachers, physically doing everything that we are virtually doing now, but the game is not over yet. Let us win the fight with COVID and I yes the best is yet to come.

About Author: Abul Bashar Dafadar – Rizvi Law College, Bandra (Mumbai)


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