Effective Law School Study Techniques: Available Now!

Law School Doesn’t Need to be Tough

AVAILABLE NOW: A law study guide on how to study law efficiently and effectively, called Effective Law School Study Techniques.

In this concise 37-page guide, you’ll learn specific tactics for getting through mountains of readings and tackling law exams – with your capacity to contract still intact.

Effective Law School Study Techniques is one law reading that you should not miss out on, especially if you find law school a struggle. Here’s what this guide covers:

  1. Understanding the Law Exam Format – A short intro on how law exams are like, to help you prepare for them;
  2. Tackling Your Law Readings – Do people say that readings are unfinishable? They’re wrong – and you won’t even need to pull all-nighters. This guide will show you how to prove them wrong;
  3. Making Effective Study Notes – So you can actually find the information you need during open-book exams in the shortest time possible; and
  4. Exam Skills for Smart Law Students – With the final exam usually worth at least 50% of your grade, you’ll need to know how to perform under pressure!

No fluff.

No long obiter digressions, like what you might read in your cases.

Just straightforward advice and tactics.

Get Effective Law School Study Techniques for S$29 (approx. Rs 1,560)

“The study guide will be a great help for law students”

“The study guide will be a great help for law students especially those in their freshman year. Note-taking and exam preparation in law school is unlike junior college or secondary school. There is a long reading list and a different exam format. The study guide details efficient study techniques and the ‘do’s and don’ts’ in preparing for seminars and exams. More importantly, it shares with you important exam skills.

The beginning of law school will be tough and confusing, However, with the help of this study guide, you can pick up important tips and tricks to quickly adjust to life as a law student.”

Freddy, Singapore law student

Get Effective Law School Study Techniques for S$29 (approx. Rs 1,560)

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