March 4, 2021

Call for Applications| Justice Leila Seth Fellowship


iProbono is inviting applications from exceptional legal minds for Justice Leila Seth Fellowship.

About the Iprobono

iProbono’s mission is to enable people to access their rights in pursuit of a just society.

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By promoting active citizenship and engaging a holistic model we:
1. Advance justice for all by representing people in need
2. Strengthen the impact of civil society
3. Advocate for policies that promote social equity and end discrimination

pro Bono provides holistic counsel with a strong, lean team that delivers strategic direction and execution, while also leveraging the expertise and commitment of a wide community of pro bono lawyers.

About the fellowship

The Justice Leila Seth Fellowship invites lawyers committed to social justice to be part of a community that works to preserve the rights and dignity of all people.

The Fellowship draws together a cohort of lawyers to enhance their legal education in an environment that nurtures egalitarian communities. Many lawyers are unable to pursue a rights-based legal practice as sector salaries preclude people who do not have independent means. Fellows will receive a monthly salary commensurate to working at a leading social justice organisation.

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