August 3, 2021

5th Online National Debate Competition by KLE College of Law [Jan 25]: Register Now!

kle law college

KLE College of Law is pleased to announce the Online National Debate Competition on 25th January 2021.

About the KLE College

KLE College of Law Kalamboli was established in the year 2016, the college provides 5 Year BLS. LL.B and 3 Year LL.B. course, the college has been established under the aegis of KLE Society Belgaum, KLE Society was founded in the year 1916. The society is growing unstoppable from strength to strength.

About the Event

Preliminary Round Topic: “Whether Freedom of Press and Right of accused are complementary to each other”

Final Round Topic: “Media Houses: Whether they are the Fourth Pillar of democracy or Detractors of Judiciary”

Registration Dates

The Last Date for Registration is 20th January 2021.

Registration Fees

Participants are required to submit registration fees of Rs. 300(per team) by way of online payment mode as per the details given below

Bank Details

  • Name of Bank: CANARA BANK
  • Bank Account No: 4652101002417
  • IFSC Code: CNRB0004652
  • Name of Account Holder: KLE COLLEGE OF LAW
  • Name of Branch: KHANDESHWAR, KAMOTHE

Participation Guidelines

  • The Competition shall be held on 25th January 2021, from 10.00 AM onwards.
  • This competition is open for all the bonafide undergraduate students from any stream.
  • The language for the debate competition shall be English.
  • One college will be sending one team only.
  • One team to have 2 members. Speaker 1 of the team shall speak for the motion and Speaker 2 shall speak against the motion.
  • The competition shall consist of 2 rounds: Preliminary Round and Final Round.
  • The motion for the PRELIMINARY ROUND shall be “Whether Freedom of Press and Rights of Accused are Complimentary to Each Other”.
  • The motion for the FINAL ROUND shall be “Media Houses: Whether they are the Fourth Pillar of Democracy or Detractors of Justice”.
  • For the Preliminary Round, each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 5 minutes and the rebuttal will be of 90 seconds.
  • For the Final Round, each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 8 minutes and the rebuttal will be of 120 seconds.
  • As per the Draw of Lots, Speaker 1(for the motion) of a team shall individually contest with Speaker 2(against the motion) of the other team. The cumulative marks of both the speakers of one team shall decide the position of the team and its further promotion to the Final Round.
  • For example, there are two teams: Team A and Team B. Speaker 1 (for the motion) of Team A will debate with Speaker 2 (against the motion) of Team B. And Speaker 2(against the motion) of Team A will contest with Speaker 1(for the motion) of Team B. The total marks obtained by Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 of Team A will decide their position. Same goes for Team B.
  • The Speakers shall not disclose their identities and shall only represent themselves by the team codes allotted to them.
  • The team codes shall be allotted to the participants one day before the competition, that is, 24th January, 2021.
  • The participants shall dress in black and white formals only.
  • Use of foul or obscene language will lead to disqualification.
  • Participants are allowed to use any source of information during preparatory period of time. No book, document or electronic gadget shall be allowed to the participant while speaking.
  • Participants must keep their videos on visible mode during participation in the session.
  • Participants should ensure proper network connectivity before and during the session.
  • Participants shall not be given any extra time for speaking in case of disconnection due to low network or any technical glitch from the student’s side.
  • In case there is any technical issue from the hosting college side, the time limit extension will be done accordingly.
  • All participants must refrain from disclosing the identity of themselves and their institution at any time and in any manner, during the course of their participation in the competition.
  • The session is to be conducted on Zoom Platform
  • The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.

Disclaimer: The decision of the Judges and the organizing Committee on any issue arising during the competition shall be final and binding.


E-mail ID: [email protected]

Contact Person: Dr. Amrita Singh./Prof. Pooja Bijjargi

Contact Numbers: 9852599512/9767395860


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