2-Hour Workshop on Patent Drafting by Lawlevelup: Apply by June 25

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About LawLevelUp

LawLevelUp aims to deliver the best to you and provide you with practical legal industry knowledge. In this modern world, learning things theoretically is not enough and LawLevelUp is here to find you the right tools to excel in your law journey to be one of the best.

About the Opportunity

Gain the essential skill to create impactful and accurate legal documents, paving the way for success in the courtroom. With the ability to craft persuasive arguments, you’ll excel in cases and ensure justice is served.

Keynote Speakers for the Workshop

Krishna Goyal – Associate – Lexorbis – Patent Agent IN/PA/4508


  • Internship Opportunity through Lawlevelup
  • Recording of the session
  • Learn to draft a patent
  • Practical insights on how to avoid mistakes while drafting


Date: 25 June 2023

Duration: 2 Hours

Timings: 7PM to 9PM

Course Fees

Rs 500

Enrolment Procedure

To enrol for online workshop by LawLevelUp, click here.

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