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About The Think India

Think India is an initiative to bring together the best talent of this country and to infuse them with a nation-first attitude. It is an active forum of researchers, professionals, and students where they debate on national issues, raise their concerns and offer innovative solutions to problems.

About The Competition

The Course will broadly cover the Munda language family of India and its varied aspects. The esteemed speakers are a part of the Living Tongues Institute and will be guiding about the important aspect of the language.


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Note: Certificates will be provided after the completion of the course.


Chinmayee – +91 9423510139
Simmy – +918789327104
[email protected]

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Important Note: In case students have any issue/feedback for the internships and other opportunties posted on the LawBhoomi, Students can write to us by sending an email to [email protected]

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