Samvidhaan: A Comprehensive Course on Constitution Of India by LegalStix Law School: Enrol by May 14 [Use Code “WIN20” for discounts]

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About LegalStix Law School

Legalstix Law School is a premier online institution dedicated to helping law students excel in their academic and professional goals. With a team of expert faculty comprising experienced lawyers, judges, and legal scholars, Legalstix provides a comprehensive exam preparation approach covering every aspect of the curriculum. The online learning platform is user-friendly, and the courses are tailored to meet the needs of each student, making it easy to balance studies with other commitments.

About the Course

“Samvidhaan” is a comprehensive capsule course designed to cater the academic needs of law students, legal professionals and aspirants who desire to achieve a holistic understanding of the Supreme Law of the Land. This course is designed to bring out the most significant principles of the Indian Constitution which are paramount to its understanding and application. With its detailed oriented approach, the topics chosen for study will help the students gain insights on the functionality of Indian democracy.

A student-oriented pedagogy will help you gather wide understanding of the Indian Constitution and its relation with other laws. This course by Legalstix law school is a foolproof method to ace in your upcoming law exams and will build a foundation for competitive exams in future.

Course Structure

Students who enrol in the “Samvidhaan” course will learn about the Indian Constitution’s historical background, the drafting committee, and the various principles that underpin the Constitution.

They will also learn about the Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, and the structure and functions of the three organs of the government.

The course will also cover the constitutional provisions related to the Indian judiciary, federalism, and emergency provisions.

Important Dates

Last Date to Apply: 14th May 2023

Commencement of the Course: 15th May 2023

Fees & Payment

Rs. 3299 only

[Use Code “WIN20” for discounts, an exclusive offer for LawBhoomi users]

Payment Mode

Payment shall be done by clicking here.

How to Apply

Register for the course after payment by clicking here.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone no.: +91 7206378057

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