September 27, 2021

Online Courses Certified by Law Firms @75% Discount: Enrolments Open!


About Enhelion

Enhelion is one of the largest online legal education platforms in India, boasting more than 450 online courses certified by top law firms. Over the past 8.5 years, Enhelion has provided extremely affordable certified online courses to the student community in India and the world.

In short you can say that our courses are value for every fee spent.

As a thank you to all our 53500 enrolled students and the larger student community and also to celebrate 8.5 years of operations, providing affordable education to all, Enhelion is pleased to offer Certificate, Diploma and Master Courses at 75% off!

Enrol for the following Certificate Courses at INR 999 and get 1 Certificate Course free-

  • Advanced Contract Drafting and Legal Writing click here
  • Certificate in Intellectual Property: Law and Management click here
  • Certificate in Cyber Laws click here
  • Certificate in Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law and Policy click here
  • Certificate in Goods and Services Tax (GST) click here
  • Certificate Course on International Mediation click here
  • Advanced Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions and the Law click here

Enrol for the following Diploma Courses at INR 2999 and get 2 Certificate Courses free-

Enrol for the following Master Courses at INR 3999 and get access to multiple Certificate Courses-

Why Enhelion?

  1. Practical Learning – The courses are designed in a way that will help you gain real-world knowledge.
  2. Online Blockchain-enabled Certificate– On successful completion of all requirements of the course, get an online blockchain enabled Certificate.
  3. Affordable Fees – Student-friendly fees
  4. Life-time access– Get life-time access to the course material
  5. Self-paced– You can take as much time as you need to complete the courses.


When you enrol even for one course, you get:

  • 75% discount on all courses
  • Atleast one more course FREE
  • FREE beta access to where you can create
    • 1) Video resumes
    • 2) College Presentations
    • 3) Explainer videos


In case of any query, please contact [email protected].