January 23, 2022

Online Certificate Courses by Enhelion on Intellectual Property Rights [75% off, FREE Courses and FREE Books]


About the Organisation

Enhelion is pleased to announce that we are offering 75% discounts on all  Diploma and Master (Bundle) courses

Enhelion, one of India’s oldest online legal education organization, in association with leading law firms has launched unique and affordable online courses for the student community of India in order to help them during this crisis. They have a large repository of about 400+ online affordable courses all certified by leading law firms.

Intellectual Property Rights Courses

  1. Certificate in Design Law and Management
  2. Certificate in Domain Names and the Law
  3. Certificate in Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law and Policy
  4. Certificate in Intellectual Property and the Internet
  5. Certificate in Intellectual property- Processes and Application
  6. Certificate in Intellectual Property: Law and Management
  7. Certificate in Trademark Agent Examination
  8. Certificate in Trademark Prosecution and Opposition
  9. Certificate on Intellectual Property Contracts
  10. Diploma in Art Law and Intellectual Property
  11. Diploma in Intellectual Property and Media Law
  12. Diploma in Intellectual Property and Music Law
  13. Diploma in Intellectual Property Law with Special Focus on Processes and Applications
  14. Diploma in Intellectual Property with special emphasis on Trademark Law
  15. Diploma in Intellectual Property: Law and Management
  16. Diploma in Technology Law and Intellectual Property
  17. Diploma in Trademark Law in India
  18. Master Course in Intellectual Property Rights

How to get FREE Courses

Enrol for one Certificate course at INR 1999 and get one Certificate course free, click here.

Enrol for one Diploma course at INR 2999 and get two Certificate courses free, click here.

Enrol for Master course at INR 3999 and get access to multiple certificate courses, click here.

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How to FREE books

Enrol for Enhelion’s courses and get books for FREE.

Note: Check the courses’ link mentioned above for FREE books. Not all courses have free books.

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In case of any query, please contact [email protected]

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