January 17, 2022

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About the Gujarat National Law University

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar, established under the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003, is one of the premier national law universities of India. The University offers integrated and interdisciplinary degree programmes in undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD as well as various certificate and training courses.

About the probono India

Founded in October 2016 with an aim to integrate legal aid and awareness initiatives – ProBono India has ventured into different avenues viz. legal aid, legal awareness, legal intervention, legal journalism, legal activism etc. – all with the underlying objective of contributing to the positive development of the society with a strong socio-legal approach. The activities at ProBono India include an active dissemination of legal information via the medium of its official website, rolling internship programmes for law students to help them develop a holistic personality with a socio-legal approach to their professional personality, interviews with eminent personalities working at the ground-level offering insights into their successful projects, providing a platform to promote and publish the art of research and legal writing, amongst many others. The team of ProBono India works to promote legal activism as we believe that law and society are two sides of the same coin. Law and society are so inextricably interdependent that both need to be equally improved in order to lead the world into the desired new order. We at ProBono India believe in a better and brighter tomorrow. We believe not just in being passengers on this drive to change – rather, we aim to drive towards the change.

About the GNLU Legal Services Committee

The GNLU Legal Services Committee, set up under Section 4(k) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, rides on the principles of empowering the society with legal awareness and legal aid. Over the years, the GNLU LSC has strived to recognize the potential of law as an instrument of social change. The Legal Services Committee acts as a ‘Community Legal Clinic’ and focuses on, inter alia, the deprivation of government benefits, eviction and issues of domestic violence. The GNLU LSC has always been motivated to work for the betterment of the society and more so for the enhancement of living standards of the underprivileged. In this regard, activities such street plays, drama performances and community legal service programs which promote legal awareness in areas akin to environment, consumer rights, human rights, right to information and labour laws are often organized by the LSC.

About the course

The main objectives of the course are :-
• To enable the students to understand the history and development of Legal Aid in India
• To give a basic idea about the Right to Information and its significance
• To explain the concept of Public Interest Litigation and its importance for provision of access to justice, particularly in India
• To understand various modes of Alternative Dispute Resolution
• To understand the Consumer Rights and various provisions related to it.
• To realize the significance of Rights of the Victims

1) Legal Aid in India (5 Hours)
2) Public Interest Litigation (5 Hours)
3) Right to Information (5 Hours)
4) Consumer Protection Act & Alternative Dispute Resolution (5 Hours)
5) Rights of the Victim (5 Hours)


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Last Date of Registration :- September 20, 2021

Certification :- Participants will be required to pay fees of Rs. 200/- if they want certificate after taking the online MCQ based examination. The amount shall be paid within 5 working days of completion of examination.


Founder, ProBono India &
Associate Professor of Law, Parul University, Vadodara
Mob. +91 99248 97691, 76005 41069
E-mail :- [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Law &
Faculty Convener, Legal Services Committee,
Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar
Mob.:- +91 94289 60878
E-mail :- [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Law &
Faculty In-charge, RGNUL Legal Aid Clinic
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala
Mob. :- +91 98780 68448
E-mail :- [email protected]
Student Members:-
Sohini Bose (+91 98304 84429)
Pooja Lakshmi (+91 97448 47115)

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