October 20, 2021

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About the Indian Law Society’s Law College

ILS Law College, or in its full name Indian Law Society’s Law College, is a government-aided law school in Pune, India. It was established in 1924 and offers courses that include three-year and five-year degrees. ILS is located on Law College Road, Pune. The college was aided by The Ford Foundation.

About the Certificate Program

The study of Matrimonial Laws in India implies the study of two aspects, one is the legislative provisions and their interpretations and the other is the actual practice and implementation of the laws in different judicial forums. The former is generally a subject matter of the discussions in the undergraduate law lectures on Personal Laws or Family Laws. The latter is left to be learnt once the law students enter the profession. Consequently, the training period of the Lawyers who wish to practice in Matrimonial laws is extended.

A study of diverse matrimonial laws is undertaken at the graduate level of the law program. The Vastness of the curriculum hardly makes it possible to understand in detail the practice and procedural nuances of matrimonial litigation. 

Indian Law Society (ILS), Pune, provides an opportunity to understand the nuances of Practice and Procedure of Matrimonial Laws in India through this Certificate Program. It is an effort to impart exhaustive training to budding lawyers, judges and teachers about matrimonial litigations. It aims at helping the legal professionals in developing the right approach imperative for dealing with these specialised litigations.

The Program is designed by experts and practitioners in Personal Laws to help the participants appreciate the finer practical aspects of strategy, pleadings, nuances of arguments, and conducting matrimonial proceedings in the judicial forums.

 Details of the Program

Duration – 14th June 2021 – 20th June 2021

Time   – 04:30 PM – 06:30 PM


(1) Advocates

(2) Judges of Family Courts

(3) Law Students

(4) Professionals working with NGOs dealing with Matrimonial case

(5) Law Teachers teaching Personal Laws

(6) Mediators and Counselors in Matrimonial cases.


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Fees – Rs.5000 + GST Rs.900 Rs. 5,900 (includes GST)

Seats – Limited

Examination & Certification

Certificates will be issued after attending all the sessions and completing the online examination at the end of the program.

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