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About Ozibook

Ozibook is a tech startup (based out in Bangalore, India) that focuses on building products that improve the quality of living for you and your family. As part of our vision, the first product we are building is in the field of education called Ozigen – A social learning platform, where we help educational content creators power their knowledge online and connect students with teachers who they want to learn from through live classes and subscription for their content and community.

About the Internship

Attention Law Students! Apply now for a 2-month internship with Ozibook. Want to make a difference in the legal field? Join our team as a Law Officer Intern.

  • Build a successful legal career with this unique opportunity!
  • Immerse yourself in the world of early-stage startups.
  • Join forces with ambitious individuals and unleash your full potential.
  • Secure a bright future for yourself and those you care about.
  • Revolutionize educating ring
  • Timing: Work timing is flexible. Daily average and weekly targets have to be completed at your comfortable time. You have to figure out an efficient way to get quality work done fast and not cause inconvenience for your teammates. 


  1. You need to have a laptop, phone and a stable wifi connection. 
  2. There will be an onboarding session for 2 weeks. In the first week, you will be learning the fundamentals. In the second week, you will be applying what you learn. You will be given different tasks which you need to perform satisfactorily in order to qualify for the internship. 
  3. Entrepreneurial growth mindset, optimistic, hardworking, dedicated, patient, team player, honest, empathetic, willingness to learn and go through difficult times, receptiveness, persistence, courageous and ambitious. 

Eligibility for stipend, certificate and LOR

You must pass the qualifying period (2 weeks) and complete the remaining two weeks to be eligible for claiming the stipend monthly.  Once you complete the 2-month period, you would be eligible for the internship completion certificate. Those candidates who perform extraordinarily will be given a LOR and an option to stay back.


  • Tackle complex legal issues with a talented and supportive team.
  • Build your skills by drafting impactful legal documents.
  • Protect a startup and help it achieve its goals.


  1. You get to work close with the founding team. 
  2. You get to learn on the go because we will give you mentorship and guidance, provided you are receptive to learning, applying and receiving feedback for your work. 
  3. You get to be part of an early stage startup and understand the dynamics of a startup and how a product is built from an idea to a working model that is loved by people. 
  4. The mission we have chosen for us is bold. In order to guide our next generation, we must begin by educating and empowering the current generation. 
  5. A supportive environment with the freedom to fail and innovate.
  6. To give you a sense of purpose and a place to belong, if you are passionate about the cause we are fighting for. 
  7. The opportunity to keep learning and experimenting and getting paid for doing it. You need to start thinking of it like paid education. 
  8. You get to learn from each other on the team and build strong relationships and network. 
  9. Opportunities for growth as you keep delivering and displaying your commitment. As the company grows, you also grow along with it. 
  10. Certificate of experience on completing the internship. Additionally, recommendation letters will be given to those who perform extraordinarily. 

Mode of Internship

Work from Home


INR 1,000 per month.

Application Procedure

  1. By checking our “Ozibook – Intern recruitment drive” Google doc, you can find out if the internship role you want to apply for is available at Ozibook. 
  2. Go through the information mentioned under the respective role. 
  3. Drop an email to [email protected] if you feel you can handle this role and will contribute to the cause.
  4. We will be reaching out to you through your email where we will ask you to fill 2 Google forms and the instructions on how to fill the form will be mentioned with the email. 
  5. As soon as you fill out the Google forms, send a reply to confirm your submission. Sometimes the response might not get submitted. Sending a message stating you have completed will help us confirm your submission. 
  6. The shortlisting process might take up to 14 Days. If you are selected, we will get back to you immediately. If you don’t hear back from us it might be because your responses were not up to our expectations and did not qualify for the role. You could even be shortlisted and kept on hold temporarily. You can however send a reply to inquire about the status. 
  7. Once selected, you will be receiving a calendly link to book your Zoom interview slot in your email. 
  8. The interview is 40 mins long where we will ask questions to test your knowledge about the company (refer to our LinkedIn page) and other questions to see if you are the right fit for the role. After asking questions, we will explain the work you have to do and ask you if you are confident about doing the work. 
  9. Once the interview is over, you will know if you are shortlisted for the role or not instantly. Then we will proceed with sending you the offer letter and adding you to our discord server and commence the internship. 


Drop an email to [email protected] if you feel you can handle this role and will contribute to the cause.

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