August 1, 2021

Internship Experience with Adv. Narendra Kalra

Legal Internship Experiences

Name, College, Year of Study:-

My name is Sparsh Bagga  I’m pursuing BBA LL.B(H)  from Amity Law School, Noida. I am in 6th semester.

Name of the organisation:-

I have completed my internship under the guidance of Adv. Narendra Kalra  (Sr. Arguing council UOI) of K.C. Kalra & Co. 

Duration of internship:-

The duration of internship was 2 months.


Chamber No. 34 Tehsil building, Tis Hazari court, Delhi(In-office.)

How did you apply?

I was invited by other council in Advocates Get-together that was held in context of “Shri Ram janambhoomi teerath kshetra” where I was introduced to Adv. Narendra Kalra.  I joined their firm from the next day.

 Work Profile, Main tasks:-

In litigation where I learnt about various civil cases like family disputes case, cheque bounce cases, defamation, suit for Injuction, divorce and many such other civil matters. We had court hearing daily. I was privileged enough to attend the court hearing with Adv. Narendra Kalra sir and with his associates. On the very first day of joining I was instructed  that my main tasks would be- attending the court hearing, assisting associates with research related work, drafting of replication, drafting of legal notice, arranging file in proper order, filing  new case on filing counter. Before this I never attended any court proceeding. I learned so much from this 2 month practical knowledge. I got experience of  working in the court and to learn professional work ethics.

Work Environment:-

The work environment was best. All associates, interns, staff were of very helping nature and friendly. Overall work environment was full of professionalism, They all were nice and friendly people. All the associates were kind, motivating and of helping nature. All the resources were available to the intern like- bare acts, computers, printer, water, A.C etc.


No stipend and accommodation was provided during the internship period


I had no past experience in law internship so I was a little worried before joining this. But I must say, after doing internship here I got to know about various things. Practical knowledge has always been an important aspect for lawyers or candidates who want to become lawyer. This internship helped me a lot to improve my practical knowledge. Now I can understand and analyse various provisions. Thus, it was an amazing experience to work in K.C. Kalra & Co. My respect for this field has been increased by seeing the procedure and working of the Court.

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