August 1, 2021

Free Webinar on Constitutional Law its Vibrance over India [Nov 27]: Register Now!

About SocietyHow

SocietyHow is the growing network of like-minded legal professionals. We comprise of Lawyers, Legal Scholars, Professors and other legal and policy professionals.

About the SocietyHow Webinar

Societyhow is organizing a webinar on “Constitutional Law its Vibrance over India.”

Our honorable chief guest & speaker of the event is Dr. (Prof) Lalit Kumar Deb, Dean Birla Global School of Law.

About the Guest:

Dr. (Prof) Lalit Kumar Deb has been an eminent personality in the field of legal academics. His specialty in the area of International Law, Family Law, Torts, Jurisprudence, Intellectual Property Rights is detailed and comprehensive. Being the Member of the Juvenile Justice Board, Ganjam, for 7 years and Family Welfare Committee, Ganjam, Sir, has first-hand experience in the legal system’s extreme practicality. We wish to receive the fragment from the light of his knowledge.

About the Event:

The unforeseen crisis of the pandemic COVID – 19 has shown us several changes in the dynamics of how nations engage with each other. In recent months we have witness change in policy making and governance in our country which was need of the hour. Though many amended, but its principles are always drawn parallel to our Constitutional laws. Yet again, this showed us that the Constitution in India is supreme and its variability over us is inevitable. This event is conducting in the same light, considering Constitutional law’s supremacy over our nation.

Date of the Event:

27 November 2020


4:00 PM IST Onwards



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