January 18, 2022

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Building an International Career in Technology Law

Join us for a 3-day bootcamp on BUILDING AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER IN TECHNOLOGY LAW from 26-28 June 2021, 6-9 pm Indian Standard Time!

Do you sometimes feel that the growth opportunity in traditional areas of law practice is limited? Do you want to specialise in areas which are going to be pandemic-resistant?

Do you sometimes feel a stagnation in your career and want to explore working in high-growth areas which will dominate the future?

Does technology law excite you? Do you fancy building your career as a lawyer by working with global technology giants, or fast-growing Silicon Valley and domestic technology startups?

Do you want to know how a lawyer can cater to the legal needs of organisations working in domains such as cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, e-commerce, or the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry?

Technology law is one of the most important emerging areas for big law firms, for boutique law firms and for independent practitioners who want to build a name for themselves, and the market will become sophisticated in the next 5 – 10 years.

Don’t be misled by these three myths:

Don’t let the following myths stop you

  • #1: Tech Law is the sum-total of the Information Technology Act, Rules, Notifications, Amendments and case laws – the scope for a lawyer appears to be very limited in the sector.
  • #2: You need a degree in science, or engineering, or background in computers to understand and excel in tech-law.
  • #3: Lawyers from India and developing countries in Asia and Africa can only work for clients in their local jurisdiction and cannot work for foreign startups in the Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Berlin or US law firms as they are not qualified to practice law in those jurisdictions.

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LawSikho is India’s leading online education company that creates advanced and practical legal courses and customized training programs catering to lawyers, leading businesses and universities. 

About Learning Schedule


What are the opportunities in technology law for young lawyers and why this practice area is growing exponentially now


Step by step roadmap for you to secure various global opportunities in technology law – remote freelance work, in-house positions and law firm jobs


How to reach out to startups in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere and help them with their legal needs

Date and Time

26-28 June 2021, 6-9 pm Indian Standard Time

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