4-Week Online Certificate Course on International Relations by Adhyayan Foundation For Policy & Research: Enrol by Dec 20

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About Adhyayan Foundation For Policy & Research (AFPR)

Adhyayan Foundation for Policy & Research is an independent think tank dedicated to producing quality research to help in the formulation, assessment, and implementation of public policies. It strives towards bridging the gap in policymaking for the wholesome growth and development of our country. They aim at guiding discourse to make better laws and improve governance for the public good. They are committed to producing legal and international relations research of the highest standard to inform public debate and contribute to improved governance.

About Course

Explore India’s rich strategic heritage and future prospects in the dynamic world of international relations. Join for an enlightening journey into India’s strategic culture, guided by expert instructors and thought leaders.

Course Name

India’s Strategic Culture: The Past and the Future

Subject: International Relations

Course Modules

Module 1: India’s Strategic Culture

  • Historical Sources: Kautilya, Mahabharat, Ramayan
  • India’s Strategic Culture in Modern Times
  • Narendra Modi and the Role of Philosophy in Hindutva in India’s foreign policy.
  • Tanhem’s Critique of India’s Strategic Culture

Module 2: India’s Strategy in its Neighbourhood

  • Evolution of India’s Neighbourhood First Policy
  • Bangladesh and the Success of India’s Neighbourhood First Diplomacy
  • India as Net Security Provider: The Case of Sri Lanka
  • Hedging by Smaller States: Maldives Love-Hate Ties with India-China.

Module 3: India and Pakistan

  • Pakistan’s Strategic Culture
  • India’s Strategic Culture against Pakistan

Module 4: India and China

  • China’s Strategic Culture and India
  • India’s Military: Towards Offensive-Defense
  • India’s Diplomatic Counter: Quad and Partial External Balancing
  • Internal Balancing: Defense Indigenisation and Border Infrastructure

Module 5: The Road Ahead

  • Conclusion and Summary of Key Findings
  • India’s Evolving Role in a ‘Multi Polar World with Bipolar Features’.


  • Anyone having keen interest in India’s strategic culture and international relations can join the course.
  • Course is open to all students.

Course Duration

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Start Date: 23rd December, 2023
  • End Date: 14th January, 2024


Join for an enlightening journey with our distinguished guest speakers, each an authority in their field:

  1. Colonel Gautam Das (Retired)
  2. Dr RadhaKrishnan Pillai
  3. Shri Arun Anand
  4. Dr. Seshadri Chari
  5. Ambassador Pinak Ranjab Chakraborty
  6. Colonel S. Dinny (Retired)
  7. Dr Anand Kumar
  8. Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramanian
  9. Lt Gen Dushyant Singh (Retired)
  10. Lt. Gen. S.L. Narasimhan (Retired)
  11. Commodore RS Vasan (Retired)
  12. Lt. Gen P.R. Shankar

These luminaries will delve into India’s strategic culture and international relations, sharing invaluable insights throughout our certificate course. Stay tuned for their thought-provoking sessions!


  • In-depth examination of India’s strategic heritage
  • Visionary insights into India’s future role on the global stage
  • Engaging discussions and real-world case studies
  • Access to a network of policy and research professionals
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion
  • Top performers will have the exclusive opportunity to secure an internship at our organization

Course Fees

 Rs 1000/-

Last Date to Apply

20th December, 2023

How to Apply

Limited seats available! Secure your spot in the Certificate Course on India’s Strategic Culture and gain unique insights into India’s past, present, and future on the global stage.

Click Here to Register.

Contact Info

For inquiries or further information, please contact at [email protected]. or call: +91 8400786111

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