Online Diploma Course on Global Media and Entertainment Law by Into Legal World: Enrol by July 31

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About Into Legal World

Into Legal World is a company registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as Parivritt Enterprises Pvt Ltd, a member of the International Trade Council, Certified by ISO, and funded by UPIT (Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh) under the Startup India program.

The company has several wings such as Into Legal World Foundation, Into Legal World Institute and Publication Wing.

The company is dedicated to the cause of making quality education accessible to all.

About One-Year Diploma Program on Global Media and Entertainment Law

The One-year Diploma Program in Global Media and Entertainment Law provides a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of the law and pave the way for intriguing employment opportunities.  

 This course is designed to provide you the skills you need to succeed in this important area of law, whether you’re a lawyer, a legal professional, or a law student. It will take place online.


  • Explore the complex world of international media and entertainment law with a broad curriculum that includes intellectual property, contracts, rules for digital media, music law, and more. 
  • Learn from renowned faculty members and seasoned industry executives who provide a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to help you through the program. 
  • Practical Assignments: Complete bimonthly written assignments to get hands-on learning experience while also applying your knowledge and adding worthwhile content to our organization’s platform. 
  • Learning at Your Own Pace and ease: Take advantage of the ease of online learning with recorded course sessions. 
  • Gaining specialized legal knowledge and abilities can pave the way for intriguing job options in the media and entertainment sector. 
  • Networking Possibilities: Make contacts with professionals in the field and people who share your interests to grow your network and forge important connections. 
  • Publication Opportunities: Enhance your academic or professional reputation by publishing articles or a chapter in an edited book to demonstrate your subject matter competence and acquire recognition. 
  • Receive a recognized certificate verifying your specialist expertise in international media and entertainment law as your certificate of completion. 
  • Benefit from an accessible program price that ensures affordability and inclusivity without sacrificing quality. 
  • Receive continuing assistance from our devoted team to ensure a seamless and fruitful learning process throughout the program. 

Who should attend

  1. Law students currently enrolled in a recognized law school or university.
  2. Law graduates who have completed their legal education and hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law.
  3. Legal professionals seeking to specialize or enhance their knowledge in global media and entertainment law.

Benefits of the One Year Diploma on Global Media and Entertainment Law

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the legal frameworks
  • Developing your credentials will open up new employment prospects
  • Professional Development 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Opportunities for Publication

Kindly find the syllabus details in the brochure. Click here

Supplementary Milestones

  • Bimonthly Written Assignments
  • Weekly Evaluations and Rewards
  • Additional Accomplishments


  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Career Advancement
  • Professional Development
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Publication Opportunities
  • Accessible Course Materials
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Affordable Program Fee


1 Year




The One Year Diploma on Global Media and Entertainment Law offers a student-driven pricing model, empowering learners to set the course fee at an affordable Rs. 4500 (For Registrations before 1st August 2023), making quality education accessible to all.

Total Fee: 10,000 /- ₹

For Registration before 1st Aug 2023: 4,500 /- ₹

Course Launch: 1st August 2023

Click Here to Register.


WhatsApp – +91 8182044727

Email- [email protected]

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