October 18, 2021

FREE and Online Bootcamp | on International opportunities in contact drafting [Oct 2]: Registrations Open!


Do you know what is the number one skill required by a lawyer?

Do you know what is the one skill that fresh law graduates lack due to which they are not the most preferred candidates in companies and big law firms?

Answer to both of the above questions is drafting skills.

And this is true irrespective of whichever area of law you land in – whether it is corporate law, intellectual property, criminal law, M&A – whatever.

Go back to the first day of your first law firm internship and what is the first task that you remember getting from your senior?

Proofreading contracts?

Join LawSikho in an exhaustive boot camp for 9 hours spread over three days from 2nd to 4th October from 6PM onwards where they will deal with all of these questions.

To improve your drafting skills and register for the bootcamp for free, click here.

What will you learn

  • How to read a contract?
  • What do you need to know in order to draft a commercial contract?
  • What are the important clauses of a commercial contract?
  • How to draft to avoid ambiguity?
  • How to prepare for a high-value contract negotiation?
  • How to perform a risk analysis of any contract
  • Learn to calculate damages for contractual breach
  • Learn how to create a standard format of contracts and use them successfully in any organization
  • Learn how to find out the stamp duty payable on a contract and its registration requirements

Who should attend this course

  • Law students who are looking to excel in their internships
  • Law students who are unclear about the area of law they want to specialise in
  • Law students who are interested in becoming financially independent by securing freelance contract drafting work
  • Lawyers who want to earn additional money by doing freelance work
  • In-house counsels or lawyers working in legal departments of companies who are interested in understanding the impact of the contracts entered into by their employer companies
  • Lawyers / CAs / CSs advising startups and are looking to extend their domain of work to include drafting in addition to compliance
  • Litigators who are looking to earn additional funds by generating clients for contract drafting work

Date and Time

2nd to 4th October from 6PM- 9PM

To improve your drafting skills and register for the bootcamp for free, click here.

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