How to Solve “Direct Questions” in CLAT Reading Comprehension?

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When you’re reading a passage, sometimes there are questions that ask you for specific information that is directly mentioned in the passage. These questions are called direct questions. They want you to find the answers that are right there in the words of the passage.

To solve direct questions, you need to do two things:

Read the question carefully: Make sure you understand what the question is asking. Look for words like “according to,” “in the passage,” or “mentioned.” These words will tell you that the answer can be found in the passage itself.

Find the answer in the passage: Now that you know what the question is asking, go back to the passage and look for the information you need. Read that part of the passage carefully and try to find the exact words or sentences that match the question. The answer will be right there in the passage, so pay close attention.

Once you find the answer in the passage, you can choose the option that matches it. Sometimes the answer might be directly stated, like a specific date or name. Other times, you might need to piece together a few sentences or facts to find the answer.

Remember, for direct questions, you don’t need to guess or use your own ideas. Just find the answer in the passage and pick the option that matches it.

So, when you see a direct question, read the question carefully, go back to the passage, find the answer in the words of the passage and choose the option that matches. It’s like finding a pussle piece that fits perfectly!



John loves animals. He has two pets, a cat named Whiskers and a dog named Max. John takes care of them every day. He feeds them, plays with them and takes them for walks. Whiskers is a gray and white cat who loves to nap in sunny spots around the house. Max, on the other hand, is a big and playful dog who enjoys chasing balls in the park. John is always happy when he is with his pets.


What are the names of John’s pets?

To solve this direct question, we need to find the answer in the passage. Let’s look for the names of John’s pets:

In the passage, it says that John has two pets. It also tells us that one is a cat and the other is a dog. The cat’s name is mentioned as “Whiskers” and the dog’s name is mentioned as “Max.”

So, the answer to the question “What are the names of John’s pets?” is “Whiskers and Max.”

Remember, we found the answer by going back to the passage and looking for the specific information that directly told us the names of John’s pets. Direct questions in reading comprehension are all about finding the exact information stated in the passage.

Keep practising with more passages and questions and you’ll become even better at solving them!

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