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Privacy Bootcamp

Do you sometimes wonder what you could do if you wanted to work in Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon and other fast growing international startups? Even if you are not an engineer?

Do you aspire to work for organizations focussing on Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Big Data and other cutting-edge technologies of the future as a lawyer or a compliance/policy expert? Do you want to know which skills will set you apart?

Does technology law, data protection or privacy management as a career excite you?

Do you want to acquire a unique skill set that will make you a highly sought-after technology lawyer by law firms and fast-growing companies?

Do you aspire to lead business functions or global expansion of a tech company and not restrict yourself merely to law? Are you wondering if this is even possible or what is the next step?

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What will you learn in this bootcamp?

  • How can you take advantage of the newly minted privacy laws around the world and give your career as a technology lawyer a great boost
  • What skills will you need to help fast growing Silicon Valley startups with data protection and privacy management in various markets around the world
  • How to get internships and jobs in privacy management and compliance teams
  • What kind of remote work you can do if you are a data protection and privacy management expert
  • Why knowledge of privacy management and data protection will be critical for your success as a technology lawyer
  • What if you want to shift from purely legal roles to business roles and leadership? How can you make that happen?

Who should attend this bootcamp?

  • Lawyers who want to build a career in technology laws – job opportunities in data protection and privacy are likely to exponentially increase in the coming years
  • Lawyers who want to transition into ‘business roles’ and leadership roles
  • Litigators who want to move to in-house counsel positions – data protection and privacy work is extremely crucial for securing positions fast-growing tech companies
  • In-house counsels who want to develop a specialised skill set to secure promotions or opt for more high-paying positions in BigTech companies, international startups and companies operating in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, e-commerce, fintech, agritech, insurtech and other sub-sectors

Some of the questions we will cover:

  • Why has data protection and privacy management emerged as a promising field in recent times? 
  • Which industry sectors face the highest need for data protection and privacy professionals? 
  • Is there a shortage of talent in this area?
  • How much do data and privacy management professionals earn?
  • What are the job descriptions, pay scales and career growth prospects for lawyers?
  • What does a data protection and privacy management professional actually work on? What are the top 10 tasks? 
  • How can I perform global data protection and privacy work for clients in advanced economies? 
  • Which are the most important countries whose data protection and privacy regimes I should know about?  
  • How to provide an outsourced data protection officer service to international clients
  • What is the roadmap for securing various career opportunities in this area? 
  • How to get a job as an in-house counsel in the privacy team of a company
  • How to secure a job in the data protection and privacy lawyer in a law firm
  • How to find international clients and Silicon Valley startups and conduct outreach  
  • How to establish your credibility and track record as a data protection and privacy expert 
  • Which are the top services high-growth startups expanding internationally require and how to provide such services

You are in the right place. Join us for a 3 day long, 9 hours in total, free, fully online bootcamp. Register right away, we have limited seats.


29 May -31 May


6-9 PM

To register for FREE 3 – Day Online Bootcamp, Click Here

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