January 18, 2022

FREE 3- DAY Bootcamp| How to Crack Indian Judiciary Exams [July 10]: Register Now!

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About FREE 3- DAY Bootcamp| How to Crack Indian Judiciary Exams

Join LawSikho for a Free Online 3-Day Bootcamp On How to Crack Indian Judiciary Exams from 10-12 July 2021, 6-9 pm Indian Standard Time.

Cracking the judiciary exam is difficult, but doable. Hundreds of seats are vacant every year in several states simply because candidates don’t prepare enough to even obtain minimum pass criteria.

Are you facing the following issues while preparing for your judiciary exams?

  • Confusion as regards the selection of correct study material
  • Lack of right mentorship and guidance
  • Fear of vast syllabus
  • Lack of guidance regarding selective studies and exam strategy
  • Zero emphases on state-wise strategies based on past year papers
  • Not practising answer writing within a limited time
  • Not getting personal feedback on written answers from their coaches
  • Mulling discontinuation due to stress while preparing
  • Not getting personalised advice and coaching

Top 5 mistakes made by candidates while attempting judiciary exams

  • Not starting early enough and waiting for final year or graduation to start preparation properly.
  • Not having direction and mentorship, frequently being misguided by incorrect or conflicting advice
  • Not having proper materials
  • Insufficient practice
  • Lack of motivation

Who should attend the Bootcamp?

  • Young lawyers and graduates who are considering attempting the judiciary exam of any state in 2021-22 or in any subsequent year.
  • Law student who want to start preparing for the judiciary exams early on but find it difficult to balance the hectic law school curriculum
  • Judiciary aspirant who aspires to become a judge for the perfect work-life balance, but can only devote time to prepare after office hours.
  • Any person who is persuaded towards taking an attempt in the judiciary because of parental pressure, but they want to make a career in litigation or the corporate sector. We will tell you how to use this stint for your ultimate objective.

What will you learn from this bootcamp:

  • What is the difference between prelims and mains?
  • What do I have to do to clear the interview rounds? What will I be tested on?
  • How soon should I start preparing? Is first year or second year in law school too early?
  • How many hours of preparation will it take to clear the judiciary examination?
  • Is it OK if I start preparing for mains only once I clear prelims?
  • How many years’ test papers should you refer to while studying?
  • What are the best reference books to study from?
  • What are some easy hacks to clear the judiciary?
  • Which state judiciary is the easiest to crack?
  • When should I start practicing mock papers?

To register for the Bootcamp, click here.

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